To accompany the opening of the new musical, a recording was released of the Original Cast of Starlight Express.  The record sleeve states:

"This recording contains the main songs from "Starlight Express" which opened at the Apollo Victoria Theatre on March 27th 1984. It was recorded live in the theatre over three performances in April 1984 and subsequently at Audio International Studios, London."
- Andrew Lloyd Webber

The album is dedicated "To Imogen and Nicholas and that day on the Valley Railroad". This is a reference to Lloyd Webber 's children, for whom he wrote the show.

Starlight Express in the theatre runs about two hours twenty minutes. The Cassette of the double album will take about one hour forty minutes before it bursts. So we've had to streamline the show a little, though the story and the dream are the same. Of course, if you come round to the theatre we could tell you some more, who wins the other races, and all about Control, who owns the railroad.But that would all be strictly off the record.
- Richard Stilgoe

The recording was released on Double LP, Double Cassette, and Double CD. It was re-mastered and re-released in 2005 on Double CD.

CD l84a

Cover from the original 1984 LP release.

Song List

Act 1

  1. Overture
  2. Rolling Stock
  3. Call Me Rusty (incorporates "Taunting Rusty")
  4. A Lotta Locomotion (incorporates "Rusty, You Can't Be Serious")
  5. Pumping Iron
  6. Freight
  7. AC/DC *
  8. He Whistled At Me ** (incorporates "Hitching and Switching")
  9. The Race
  10. There's Me (incorporates "That Was Unfair")
  11. Poppa's Blues
  12. Belle the Sleeping Car
  13. Starlight Express (incorporates "Starlight Express Introduction")

Act 2

  1. The Rap
  2. U.N.C.O.U.P.L.E.D. (incorporates "Pearl Twirl")
  3. Rolling Stock (reprise)
  4. C.B.
  5. Right Place, Right Time ** (incorporates "I Was Robbed")
  6. I Am The Starlight
  7. He Whistled At Me (reprise)
  8. Race: The Final
  9. No Comeback **
  10. One Rock'n'Roll Too Many
  11. Only He
  12. Only You
  13. Light at the End of the Tunnel

* Produced by Alan Shacklock

** Remixed by Dave MacKay

Cast List

Rusty Ray Shell Pearl Stephanie Lawrence
Greaseball Jeff Shankley Dinah Frances Ruffelle
Electra Jeffrey Daniel Buffy Nancy Wood
Poppa Lon Satton Ashley Chrissy Wickham
Rocky 1 Danny John Jules Krupp Eddie Kemp
Rocky 2 Attlee Baptiste Wrench Carole Amphlett
Rocky 3 Richard Bodkin Purse Kofi Missah
Flat-top Paul Reeves Volta Voyd
Dustin Gary Love Joule Debbie Wake
C.B. Michael Staniforth Belle P. P. Arnold
Bobo Tom Jobe Swing Eleanor Bertram
Espresso Ruel George Campbell Swing Uduak Ephraim
Weltschaft Mark Davis Swing Raymond Hatfield
Turnov Bobby Collins Swing Pollyanna Buckingham
Hashamoto Drue Williams
City of Milton Keynes Raymond Hatfield