The Japan/Australia Tour ran from 15 November 1987 to 29 May 1988, a large-scale, "in-the-round" production that toured sports arenas. The production was so popular in Japan that the show was revived from 24 March – 18 July 1990.

Production Specifics

The Japan/Australia tour was the third production internationally, and first to be run without Belle the Sleeping Car. As such most of the revisions from the Broadway production, (Engine of Love, Only You, 4 race structure) were included.

J90 Electra Components

Mykal Rand as Electra with his eight Components, 1990

Character Doubles

This was the first tour of Starlight Express and was the only tour to have the facilities to perform the races live, by skating around the large arena set. This production included multiple characters:


National Engines:

  • Weltschaft, Flying Hamburger - Germany
  • Espresso, Pendelino - Italy
  • Hashimoto and Nakamura (1987) or Yamamoto (1990) - Japan
  • Bobo, Coco - France
  • Turnov, Vladimir (1990, simply Turnov 1 and 2 in 1987) - Russia

This production cut the British Train, a precursor to the German production taking the same step. The cast also included 19 swing performers, and 12 stunt skaters.


The race structure incorporated multiple racers to fill the huge stage, and the races were run by stunt skaters rather than the cast.

Musical Numbers

You can see the full list of songs here.

1987 Tour

Tour Dates

  • Tokyo: 15th November - 11th December 1987
  • Osaka: 24th December 1987 - 10th January 1988
  • Sydney: 24th January - 28th February 1988
  • Brisbane: 6th March - 20th March 1988
  • Melbourne: 27th March - 14th April 1988
  • Adelaide: 21st April - 8th May 1988
  • Perth: 18th May - 29th May 1988
Role Cast
1987 Japan/Australia Cast
Voice of the Boy (English) Braden Danner Voice of the Mother (English) Charlotte Avery
Rusty Bobby Collins Pearl Nikki Belsher
Poppa Richie Pitts Dinah Debbie Wake
Greaseball Troy A. Burgess Ashley Erin Lordan
Electra David Michael Johnson Buffy Charlotte Avery
Rocky 1 Keith Tyrone Krupp 1 Wilton Anderson
Rocky 2 Marvin Engran Krupp 2 Bernie Blanks
Rocky 3 Antoni Garfield Henry Wrench Louise Conte
Rocky 4 K.F.T.D. Joule 1 Bonita Bryg
Flat-top Michael Sundin Joule 2 Pollyanna Buckingham
Dustin Geoffrey Stevens Volta Amanda Abbs
Caboose Peter Rees Purse Wayne Williams
Bobo Mitch Sebastian Coco Stefan Reekie
Espresso Anthony Marciona Pendelino Bob Lee Dysinger
Weltschaft Christopher Lipari Flying Hamburger Scott Austin
Turnov 1 Allen Hidalgo Turnov 2 Terry Murphy
Hashimoto Mayo Kawasaki Nakamura Harold Yi
Gang 1 Sean Garvey Gang 2 Michael J Novin
Gang 3 Anthony Cordell Gang 4 Rick Mujica
Swing Richard Amiel Swing Danny Bailey
Swing Ian Freeman Swing Desmond Gayle
Swing Trevor Michael Georges Swing Eli Hayashi
Swing Natalie Howard Swing Roslyn Howell
Swing Diane Jenkins Swing Jimmy Dee Machin
Swing Jeanne Moss Swing Sean O'Sullivan
Swing Lee Proud Swing Erique Redd
Swing Earl R. Rhimer Jnr Swing Windsor Robinson
Swing Deborah Leanne Spellman Swing Samantha Sprackling
Swing Elinor Stephenson
Stunt Skater Kazuhiro Aoki Stunt Skater Jan Apel
Stunt Skater Greg Duncombe Stunt Skater Mizue Fujimoto
Stunt Skater Masayoshi Hamana Stunt Skater Takako Katsuta
Stunt Skater Nobumasa Miyazawa Stunt Skater Yumi Nakajima
Stunt Skater Yuuki Saito Stunt Skater Masatoshi Suzuki
Stunt Skater Seiji Taniguchi Stunt Skater Chieko Tojima


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1990 Tour


  • Tokyo : 23rd March - 9th April 1990
  • Nagoya: 16th April - 6th May 1990
  • Fukuoka: 13th May - 27th May 1990
  • Hiroshima: 3rd June - 18th June 1990
  • Osaka: 30th June - 18th July 1990
StEx Japan Tour 1990 - Japan CM

StEx Japan Tour 1990 - Japan CM

23rd March - 15th July 1990
STARLIGHT EXPRESS Japan tour1990 promotion

STARLIGHT EXPRESS Japan tour1990 promotion

(around minute 42:00 starts "There's a light at the end of the tunnel, where you can see the Characters and Their doubles)

Role Cast
1990 Japan Cast
Rusty Bobby Collins Pearl Nikki Belsher
Poppa Richie Pitts Dinah Debbie Wake
Greaseball Danny Metcalfe Ashley C. Jay Ranger
Electra Mykal Rand Buffy Caron Cardelle
Rocky 1 Winston Pitt Krupp 1 Hideaki Kamimura
Rocky 2 Algie Williams Krupp 2 Michael Skyers
Rocky 3 Jim Harrison Wrench Miwako Montani
Rocky 4 Mitsuko Tokuhisa Joule 1 Frances Wingate
Flat-top Masayoshi Hamana Joule 2 Lauren O'Reilly
Dustin Earl R. Rhimer Purse Sebastian Craig
Caboose Hans Johansson Volta 1 Leah-Sue Morland
Volta 2 Yuriko Takamori
Bobo Tomotaka Sugimoto Coco Yuki Yasutoko
Espresso Yuuki Saito Pendelino Hideki Tachibana
Weltschaft Rod McCune Flying Hamburger Shaun Antonio Fernandes
Turnov Ikuo Hirata Vladimir Nobuhiko Sato
Hashimoto Hiroshi Watari Yamamoto Kenichiro Maeno
Gang 1 Bonny Lockheart Gang 2 Yoshitaka Natsume
Swing Steve Agyei Swing Yilmaz Aktepe
Swing Gabriella Almerigi Swing Scott Austin
Swing Matthew Barrett Swing Jeanette Graham
Swing Tony Griffiths Swing Ralph Holden
Swing Katherine Ikezawa Swing Takako Kisaka
Swing Derick McNally Swing Ian Mills
Swing Stuart Sweeting Swing Eriko Ueda
Swing Carol Walton Swing Johanna Whelan
Stunt Skater Masato Akada Stunt Skater Ichiro Anazawa
Stunt Skater Hidehiko Arai Stunt Skater Mizue Fujimoto
Stunt Skater Isamu Furugen Stunt Skater Miyoko Futoo
Stunt Skater Masaaki Kato Stunt Skater Joji Kuroda
Stunt Skater Tamiko Marui Stunt Skater Koji Matoba
Stunt Skater Nobumasa Miyazawa Stunt Skater Mariko Nakamura
Stunt Skater Shigemasa Okajima Stunt Skater Kayoko Okano
Stunt Skater Toshikazu Seike Stunt Skater Osamu Senkouji
Stunt Skater Maki Tahara Stunt Skater Ryu Taisho
Stunt Skater Miyuki Takabayashi Stunt Skater Yoshitaka Tanaka
Stunt Skater Chieko Tojima Stunt Skater Hidehisa Watanabe
Stunt Skater Minoru Watanabe Stunt Skater Junko Yoshino


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1987 Japan/Australia Tour Highlights Album

The cast recorded a highlights album, which was released with different covers in Japanese and English.

Touring Set