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This recording includes the highlights of the 1987-88 Japan/Australia Tour of Starlight Express. Recorded at both the Hitokuchizaka Stuido in Tokyo and the Air Studio in London and released in 1987 by EMI Music Group Australia. For some reason, Starlight Sequence and Race Four are combined into one track. Despite being sold with multiple covers (for the Japanese and Australian markets), it is the same recording. This recording was re-released three years later as part of the 1990 Japanese Tour.

This recording is quite hard to find, but a particular favourite, given its remarkably evocative 1980s instrumental sound, and particularly good cast. It is also the only English-language cast recording of the later show that includes Caboose.


Side One

Side Two



Role Cast Role Cast
1987 Japan/Australia Cast
Voice of the Boy (English) Braden Danner Voice of the Mother (English) Charlotte Avery
Rusty Bobby Collins Pearl Nikki Belsher
Poppa Richie Pitts Dinah Debbie Wake
Greaseball Troy A. Burgess Ashley Erin Lordan
Electra David Michael Johnson Buffy Charlotte Avery
Rocky 1 Keith Tyrone Krupp 1 Wilton Anderson
Rocky 2 Marvin Engran Krupp 2 Bernie Blanks
Rocky 3 Antoni Garfield Henry Wrench Louise Conte
Rocky 4 K.F.T.D. Joule 1 Bonita Bryg
Flat-top Michael Sundin Joule 2 Pollyanna Buckingham
Dustin Geoffrey Stevens Volta Amanda Abbs
Caboose Peter Rees Purse Wayne Williams
Bobo Mitch Sebastian Coco Stefan Reekie
Espresso Anthony Marciona Pendelino Bob Lee Dysinger
Weltschaft Christopher Lipari Flying Hamburger Scott Austin
Turnov 1 Allen Hidalgo Turnov 2 Terry Murphy
Hashimoto Mayo Kawasaki Nakamura Harold Yi
Gang 1 Sean Garvey Gang 2 Michael J Novin
Gang 3 Anthony Cordell Gang 4 Rick Mujica
Swing Richard Amiel Swing Danny Bailey
Swing Ian Freeman Swing Desmond Gayle
Swing Trevor Michael Georges Swing Eli Hayashi
Swing Natalie Howard Swing Roslyn Howell
Swing Diane Jenkins Swing Jimmy Dee Machin
Swing Jeanne Moss Swing Sean O'Sullivan
Swing Lee Proud Swing Erique Redd
Swing Earl R. Rhimer Jnr Swing Windsor Robinson
Swing Deborah Leanne Spellman Swing Samantha Sprackling
Swing Elinor Stephenson
Stunt Skater Kazuhiro Aoki Stunt Skater Jan Apel
Stunt Skater Greg Duncombe Stunt Skater Mizue Fujimoto
Stunt Skater Masayoshi Hamana Stunt Skater Takako Katsuta
Stunt Skater Nobumasa Miyazawa Stunt Skater Yumi Nakajima
Stunt Skater Yuuki Saito Stunt Skater Masatoshi Suzuki
Stunt Skater Seiji Taniguchi Stunt Skater Chieko Tojima