Starlight Express the Musical Wiki

The Original German Cast album, released in 1988, is a concept/studio recording rather than a live recording, however apart from "Du Allein " it is the stage actors performing.  The songs have a wonderfully evocative 1980s feel to the arrangements, totally unlike the stage version but very entertaining. While this album doesn't reflect the stage show, it encapsulates the era in which the show premiered.

The following year, the 1989 Complete Live Cast Recording was released, offering a complete contrast to this concept album.

Released on label CBS 462585 2


  1. Ouverture
  2. Rolling Stock
  3. Liebesexpress
  4. AC/DC
  5. Hilf Mir Verstehen
  6. Ganz Allen
  7. Papa's Blues
  8. Starlight Express
  9. 'Ne Lok mit Locomotion
  10. G.E.K.U.P.P.E.L.T.
  11. Starlight Sequenz
  12. Ein Rock 'n' Roll Zuviel
  13. Du Allein *
  14. Ein Licht Am Ende Des Tunnels
* Sung by Ute Lemper and Johnny Logan 


1988 Cast Recording
Rusty Steven Michael Skeels Pearl Maria Jane Hyde
Greaseball Paul Kribbe Dinah Natalie Howard
Poppa Trevor Michael Georges Ashley Roslyn Howell
Electra Eric Clausell Buffy Carol Hoffman
Caboose Hans Johansson


  • Curt Cress - Drums
  • Ken Taylor - Bass
  • John Parsons - Guitar
  • Jurgen Fritz - Piano, Keyboards
  • Elke Schumbach - Vocals
  • Ulrich Schliter - Vocals
  • Johannes Bruch - Vocals
  • Karl Schumbach - Baritone Sax
  • Michael Villmow - Tenor Sax
  • Armin Tretter - Soprano Sax
  • Benny Gebauer - Sax Solos
  • Giuseppe Solera - Harmonica/Clarinet/Flute
  • Waldorf + Stettler - Percussion
  • Kristian Schultze - Keyboards
  • Hagu Schmitz - Keyboards