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The 2013 Asia Tour took the UK Tour of Starlight Express around to the far side of the planet, taking advantage of its smaller size and relatively low running costs to visit venues previous tours couldn't reach. The International leg of the UK Tour included several new cast members.

Publicity interview with Arlene Phillips and Michal Fraley

Review - Rachel Read, Hong Kong Blogger, 11th October 2013

Review - Kevin Kwong, South China Morning Post, 21st October 2013

Lighting Designer - Nick Richings

Tour Dates


11 Oct - 3 Nov Lyric Theatre HKAPA, Hong Kong
13 Nov - 24 Nov Marina Bay Sands, Singapore



Rusty Kristofer Harding Pearl Leanne Garretty
Greaseball Jamie Capewell Dinah Ruthie Stephens
Electra Mykal Rand
/ Paul Shipp
Duvay Kelsey Cobban
Poppa Julian Cannonier


Buffy Camilla Hardy
Hopper 1 Robert Nurse Flattop James Marshall
Hopper 2 Lex Milczarek Dustin Gavin Ashbarry
Hopper 3 Lauren Hearnden Mayer


Caboose Austin Garrett
Purse Adam Illsley Ruhrgold Paul Shipp
/ Kris Manuel
Wrench Sarah Riches Turnov Andy Barke
/ Chris Southgate
Joule Lisa Dahmane Nintendo Nick Bower
Volta Louise Lenihan Prince of Wales David Allwood
Voice of Control Georgina Hagen Trax Matt King
Swing Tony Andrade Swing Samantha Foker
Swing Aaron Piper Swing Darryl Paul Saunders
Swing Kerry Stammers