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Starlight Express Credits

London - 1985 - Cover Rocky 3

London - 07/1986 - 03/1987 - Swing

Japan/Australia Tour - 11/1987 - 05/1988 - Rocky 3

London - 09/1988 - 09/1990 - Rocky 1

Biography (London 1988)

Antoni Garfield Henry trained at the Rambert School of Ballet. He became a professional stuntman in July 1987. He is currently studying at The Academy of Live and Recorded Arts on a one year post-graduate course.

Biography (Australia 1988)

Since leaving school, Antoni attended the Barking College of Technology for two years on their Drama course. From there he spent three years studying at the Rambert School of Ballet.

Having performed with several dance companies, he joined the cast of Starlight Express playing various roles over the two year period he was with the show. During this time he also studied martial arts, including Wing Chun, Shaolin (Northern and Southern) and kick boxing.