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London - 03/1984 - Rocky 2

London - 03/1985 - Rocky 1

London - 03/1987 - Rocky 1 / Gang

London - 03/1991 - Swing

London - 03/1992 - Swing

London - 1992-93 - Swing

London - 1993-94 - Swing

1993 Biography

Attlee Baptiste was one of the Rockies in the original cast of Starlight Express and has had a varied skating career ranging from solo performance videos to forming his own dance troupe. On leaving Starlight Express Attlee played Fozzie Bear in the British tour of The Muppet Show after which he hung up his skates and indulged in his passion for music. He wanted to increase his musical skills and he set up his own home studio. He has since landed a recording contract and a publishing deal to record an album. As well as music, Attlee has become addicted to computers and he is, at present, studying for a City and Guilds certificate in Computer Programming. Attlee is very pleased to be back on his skates after three years. "Rollerskating is like riding a bike" asys Attlee, "Once you have learned you never forget".

1984 Biography

Attlee Baptiste (Rocky 2) Born in Grenada, West Indies, educated in England and presently living in Ilford, Essex. First and foremost, Attlee likes to sing - the usual thing - favourite lesson Music, in the school choir etc. On leaving school, he auditioned, joined several bands, gigged but nothing happened. The Roller Disco craze was in and he soon picked it up and coupled with his dancing ability soon made his own style and in no time was doing a series of one-man shows in Discos and Clubs, which led to Videos, Promos and Demos. Eventually, Attlee formed a skating troupe and toured England, Wales, France and Italy. In the same year he joined a band called Index and within a year released their first single. Index are still together, now a foursome writing and making Demos. Now he has a new skate troupe called Rotation and a Body pop and Breaking Crew "BBPC", who are gigging.