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Belle the Bar Car was added to the Bochum production of Starlight Express in June 2018. While sharing the name with Belle the Sleeping Car, the two characters have no other elements in common - Belle the Bar Car is effectively a replacement for Ashley the Smoking Car, and her costume design reflects this.

Belle appeared in the 2017 Workshop, but still under the guise of a Sleeping Car. However she fulfilled the same role in the show as one of the four coaches, not as Poppa's old partner.

"Belle the Bar Car" in German is "Belle, der Barwagen."


Belle is one of the established coaches in the train set - she is friends with Dinah and Carrie the Luggage Van. She, along with the luggage van, introduces herself before I Got Me - or Ich Bin Ich, in German, after Pearl has been introduced to the rest of the trainyard.

She races with Coco the French Engine during Heat Two, but her drinking habit causes her poor performance in the race, resulting in complaints and frustration from Coco. She seems to have the same personality traits as Ashley, however, a downfall of the updated Bochum production is leaving out character development for the supporting coaches in favour of expanding on Dinah and Pearl.

Both Belle and Carrie still serve to provide emotional support to Dinah during the dining car's Act Two solo, U.N.C.O.U.P.L.E.D, though not to the same extent Buffy and Ashley did due to Girl's Rolling Stock being cut. Belle can be seen offering a shot of liquor to Dinah towards the end of her solo, giving Dinah the energy to finish strong.


Belle's appearance is borrowed heavily from her predecessor, Ashley the Smoking Car, like other replacements for Ashley have done so in the past. However, Belle wears an altered bodice with windows and the lettering "LOUNGE CAR," on her chestpiece, replacing Ashley's ashtrays. She has folded napkins above said chestpiece, similar to Dinah, but high across her neckline. Her headpiece is a tray of glasses, with the lettering "COCKTAILS" that sits above her brunette hair. Her sleeves are altered from Ashley's to resemble smart pinstripes, and she wears a shirt-collar styled choker. Otherwise she retains Ashley's lampshade skirt, and earth toned colour palette. The skirt's design is hand-painted by the costume department.



Bochum, Germany

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