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Belle pullman Belle pullman 26 May

Discord for Conversations with Editors!


I've been wanting to get to talk to fellow editors, get opinions, share ideas, but the wiki format makes it so difficult to get into conversation. So, I've set up a Discord server for Musical Theatre wiki editors -

So far it's just set for this, and the Cats wiki (first time I set up a Discord server so there's a lot more to do...) but I'm open to expanding if it'll be useful for other wikis too. So please come over, let's get talking!

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Belle pullman Belle pullman 6 March 2021

New Immersive UK Production Planned...

Don't get too excited, not yet at least!

What we already knew:

  • Plans for a static (non-touring) UK production
  • To be located outside London
  • 2017 workshop and 2018 Bochum production were staged looking towards this new UK production
  • Will NOT use the set, costumes etc of previous UK tours as these no longer exist.

New information:

  • Harvey Goldsmith, Producer, involved
  • Location: NEC Birmingham
  • "StageAround" technology - rotating audience between scenes - from Imagine Nation, originally developed for "Soldier of Orange"
  • Plans halted by COVID-19

Personally, I am somewhat confused by this. Rotating the audience between scenes reminds me of Disney's "Carousel of Progress", created by Walt Disney for the 1964 World's Fair. But I can't see how this is relev…

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CBGB84 CBGB84 27 February 2021

My dream version of Starlight

My dream version of Starlight Express would be essentially an arena version of the 30th anniversary show, with some changes.

Here's how the material would differ from the current show.

Act 1

  • Rolling Stock – reinstate the vocal harmony on the choruses
  • Rusty's introduction – cut "Crazy", as it adds little to the story, given that we're about to hear "Call Me Rusty". Go straight from Rusty's "Woo woo, nobody can do it like a stream train" to the Engines heckling him, a bit like 1992 London did
  • Freight – shorten it a bit, like in Vegas
  • Pumping Iron – cut it. It serves no narrative function. We know who Greaseball is. We know who Electra is. Just go from "AC/DC" to "Coda of Freight"
  • Hitching and Switching – use the New York version ("this is gonna be the da…
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Sdrival Sdrival 21 February 2021

Next Time You Fall in Love Placement

I’m curious if anyone knows why “Next Time You Fall in Love” is placed before “One Rock ‘N’ Roll Too Many” on the 1993 London cast recording instead of after? Was it originally placed before in the show and later changed or is it just a mistake on the album? And if so, why wasn’t it corrected for later pressings or for the 2007 remastered release? Thank you for any help.

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AndyBTheActor AndyBTheActor 20 November 2020

My Dream StEx Circus Tent Tour

This was inspired by a 2019 blog post by Belle Pullman. Just keep in mind that this is just role play and might never happen. Anyways, here is my ideas.

  • Touring in a tent would be a challenge so I'm thinking of a design that would extend the stage into the audience.
  • Each tour stop would last half a month.
  • Dressing rooms and offices would be expandable trailers.
  • The show will be US/Canada based.
  • The show will be based off of the 2018 Bochum rewrites

The cast would be international. Just like Cirque Du Solei, We would have performers from all over the world. Any ethicity can play any character. For example, Pearl could be played by a Japanese actress, Volta can be played by an South African dancer, Electra could be Asian, Caboose could be portraye…

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Jaykob Walson Jaykob Walson 4 May 2020

Character basis' theory


I am a fan of Starlight because I am a railfan as well. Thus, I know all kinds of train basis'. However, I have been taking a look at the costume designs closely and have been wondering what could these trains be resembling. Here are my headcannons for what they could be.

Rusty: The young steam engine, and the protagonist of the show wears a mask resembling a North American Steam locomotive. He is also used for shunting. At first, if there were an appropriate train version of Rusty, it would have to echo the Union Pacific 0-6-0, because that is a shunting locomotive, but the cowcatcher doesn't "stick out" like Rusty's (also, note the 3 driving wheels on Rusty's arms). Thus, I would imagine …

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AndyRockstar1 AndyRockstar1 2 May 2020

Starlight Express The Movie

It Either Goes One Way:

  • It's Shot In A German Film Studio And Is Released To Theaters With A Star Studded Cast.
  • It's Animated With A Star Studded Cast And Released In Theaters
  • An Pro Recording Sent To Theaters 
  • A Direct To Video Movie

Which One Is The Best?

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Judithloveswestend Judithloveswestend 2 May 2020

Michael Cahill as Flat Top & Rusty

Hi there,

I've been trying to find photos and footage of Michael Cahill in Starlight Express for ages. Can anyone help me? 

Thanks a lot!

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AndyRockstar1 AndyRockstar1 20 March 2020

Starlight US Arena Tour

My Cast (Incomplete Comment If You Have An Idea

Erika Henningsen As Pearl

Ben Cook As Electra

Andy Brooking As Caboose

Reva Rice As Mama

Mateo Melendez As Rocky 1

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Belle pullman Belle pullman 16 February 2020

Michal Fraley - Skating the Starlight Express

It seemed to me worth having a separate page for Michal Fraley's book - we can point references to that page, and include quotes there, as well as the info for people to source the book themselves. Obviously, we want to encourage everyone to go buy themselves a copy - Michal has earned the profit for his work! - but where we have quoted his work, it seems to make sense to have a page to link those quotes and references to.

However, Andrew Lloyd Webber also wrote a book "Unmasked" - which we have quotes directly on his page.  Andrew Lloyd Webber's page is considerably longer than Michal Fraley's - is it worth splitting off the information about his book?  There's also a long interview on there, would that be worth a separate page?

On a tangen…

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