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AndyRockstar1 AndyRockstar1 7 December 2019

A Name For Starlight Fans Vote


Fan Train


Starlight Gang 

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AndyRockstar1 AndyRockstar1 15 October 2019

Starlight Movie Cast

Rusty:  Zac Efron 

Greaseball: Hugh Jackman

Electra: Todrick Hall

Momma: Anika Noni Rose

Pearl: Beyoncé

Dinah:   Katy Perry

Buffy: Ariana Grande

Ashley: Rihanna 

Rocky 1: Toby Maguire

Rocky 2: Andrew Garfield 

Rocky 3: Tom Holland

Flat - Top: Billy Eichner

Dustin: Seth Rogan

Caboose: Logan Lerman

Espresso: Kolton Krouse

Coco: Gracie Gold

Turnov: Henry Hodges

Hashamoto: Booboo Stewart

Rhugold: William Brent

Brexit: Ricky Gervais

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Belle pullman Belle pullman 16 September 2019

Cats and Starlight discrepancies

So, a lot of performers have been in both Cats and Starlight.

A lot of Cats, a lot of trains - but the lists aren't identical.  I'm going through, and some are just a matter of missing the category on one wiki or the other.  But there's some interesting points coming up....

Craig A Meyer - on the Cats wiki - I can't find anything online about him in Starlight other than the same text from his website over and over. He was in Cats in 1988, so it'd be fair to assume he was involved in the 1989-1990 US tour, which isn't very thoroughly documented...

The other oddity is Paul Baker - he's listed on the Cats wiki as he is mis-credited as vocals for Mungojerrie in the Cats film, and whatever happened, if he recorded and the recording wasn't used, bu…

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Belle pullman Belle pullman 5 September 2019

Videos - File Names

OK to be fair, I've been feeling pretty ill today.  But.  I did spend the entire day, re-naming, deleting, and sorting out the videos on here. All day.

Going forward, I'd REALLY appreciate it if, when you go to add a video, you name it "Song - performer production year" So like - "Pumping Iron - Chris Barron Bochum 2005".  Please don't leave video names starting "Starlight Express" unless they're the title song!  And please use the English titles first - that way we can easily check to see if it's already uploaded without it being in two or three different places in the list.

I should have kept count, really, but I think the record was something like the same video uploaded 8 different times, 5 of which were the same title just -0, -1, -2 et…

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AndyRockstar1 AndyRockstar1 17 August 2019

My Thomas/Starlight Show

Overture: the trains are skating around the stage until they freeze when they hear a door knocking. After the lullaby, they leave the stage! 

Rolling Stock: rising from the stage, Greaseball and two of his gang members (Caboose, Coco) and both Traxes pleasure him. Then the rest of the gang (Espresso, Tunov, Hashamoto, Rhugold Rockies,  Krupp, Purse, Wrench, Volta, Joule) join the number

This Is Gonna Be The Day: Thomas (Rusty) enters shouting "Nobody Can Do It Like a Steam Train" which of course gets ruined by Greaseball and his Gang bully Thomas until Control tells Thomas to round up the Coaches: Rosie (Pearl), Dinah, Carrie and Duvay.

I Got Me: Dinah tells Rosie that she can be her own thing

He'll Whistle to Me: Rosie boasts about her "Dream…

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Belle pullman Belle pullman 17 August 2019

My Dream Version of the Show

So, if I were to have ultimate directorial control over Starlight Express, with the only provisos being that it is performable, and entertains the audience, this is how I would do it...

  • 1 General Notes
    • 1.1 Gender Balance
    • 1.2 Electra
    • 1.3 Dinah
    • 1.4 Caboose
  • 2 Song List - Act One
    • 2.1 Overture
    • 2.2 Rolling Stock
    • 2.3 Call Me Rusty / Rusty Can't Be Serious
    • 2.4 A Lotta Locomotion
    • 2.5 Freight
    • 2.6 Entry of the National Engines
    • 2.7 AC/DC
    • 2.8 Pumping Iron
    • 2.9 Coda Freight / Hitching and Switching
    • 2.10 He Whistled At Me
    • 2.11 Pearl, You've Been Honoured
    • 2.12 Race: Heat One
    • 2.13 That was Unfair / There's Me
    • 2.14 Poppa's Blues
    • 2.15 Rusty Why You Looking Sad
    • 2.16 Belle's Song
    • 2.17 Race: Heat Two
    • 2.18 Laughing Stock
    • 2.19 Starlight Express (song)
  • 3 Act Two
    • 3.1 Hymn to Victory / Pearl Twirl
    • 3.2 U.N.C.O.U.P.L.E.D.
    • 3.…

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Stokerob Stokerob 10 August 2019


In case anyone on here is interested,  I have recently posted a couple of reviews on my personal BLOG which might be of interest to some of you.

The first is a few thoughts on the Starlight Express cast albums out there

Secondly I have done an interview with the original Greaseball, Jeff Shankley, who talks about the role and also creating the role of Munkustrap in Cats.

Hope you enjoy!

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Belle pullman Belle pullman 3 June 2019

London Cast Lists

Well, over on 1984 London production/Cast Lists, I've uploaded the cast lists from the souvenir brochures, which specify the cast, and the date, but NOT the roles.  I also have the programmes scanned, which specify the cast, and the roles, but NOT the date.  Seriously.  They never bothered to put a publication date on the cast programmes.  Anywhere at all.  Massive headache.

Basically, in the 1980s/early 1990s, the London cast seems to have changed every 6 months, very late March and very late September. Then there's the whole mess at the end of 1992, the "New" Starlight Express, not sure what happened when.... deal with that later.

So, the game is:  Mix and match!  We have confirmed pairs of information for March 1987, and March 1988.  Octo…

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Belle pullman Belle pullman 2 June 2019

More Cross Checking

FINISH the job, come on....

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Belle pullman Belle pullman 1 June 2019

Cross Checking part 1

Have I actually got all the photos from Belle's Domain on here?

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