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Belle pullman Belle pullman 2 February 2018

2018 New Cast

Let's see then, now that information is finally coming through!

  • Update 4/06 - unconfirmed near-full cast list circulating.
  • Update 3/06 - Will Lucket will be Ruhrgold; Ben Carruthers confirmed remaining as Greaseball
  • Update 1/06 - Bianca Atalaya recorded "Control's Mother". Various principals recorded backing vocals.
  • Update 28/05 - Huon Mackley is Killerwatt, CB/GB changes unconfirmed? Dan Ellison may be staying as Caboose.
  • Update 12/05 - CHARACTERS leaving!
  • Update 23/04 - Ben Carruthers is to be Caboose, cover Greaseball and Rusty
  • Update 21/04 - Richard Woodford is to be First Cast Greaseball, cover Electra.
  • Update 26/03 - Clare Maynard returning to the show.
  • Update 11/03 - Anthony Starr is playing a "Component", not remaining as Purse, and Rose O…
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Belle pullman Belle pullman 8 November 2017

Bochum 30th Anniversary Updates

Keeping track of the news about the casting and updated material rumours...

Kimberly Blake has shown in both News Reports and Youtube Video as one of a total of TEN auditionees for the role of Mama.  Fair to say it's not the hottest role in Musical Theatre...  how many mature women with big blues voices are prepared to move to Germany and skate for a living?  well - ten, apparently.  I'm curious who else auditioned, and are they also ex-cast members?  If you've already got (maybe rusty) skating skills, it'll be a lot less daunting.

I just don't see this is a winning idea.  Momma didn't work well for the workshop - simply that the role is baritone!  Poppa's Blues, and the Starlight Sequence, both fall in the tenor range, but all Poppa's recit…

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Ponydreamer 2.0 Ponydreamer 2.0 25 October 2016

Anyone Else Notice This?

I was listening to the original London Cast recordning earlier today and I realized something. In 'Starlight Express Intro', Poppa says to Rusty that when he's used everything inside him, he should trust in a "brand new power". This implies that The Starlight is an entity that will provide a divine aide and help Rusty. But then in "Starlight Sequence", The Starlight tells Rusty that only he has the power within him. Maybe I'm overthinking, but the two songs kinda have contrasting points...

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Ponydreamer 2.0 Ponydreamer 2.0 14 October 2016

Anyone Wanna Roleplay...?

Read the title :)

I'm not sure how this will work yet, but I'll find a way. If anyone is interested, please let me know!

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Ponydreamer 2.0 Ponydreamer 2.0 12 October 2016

A Long, Long Fanfiction: "There's You"

Hello! I'm somewhat new to this wiki, I just joined a few weeks ago. I'm writing a fanfiction. Not one of those creepy fangirl ones, don't worry, just a normal fanfic where I insert a somewhat-Mary-Sue into the world of Starlight Express and watch it all happen. I'm not really sure if I'm allowed to post fanfics here, but it's just PG rated, so I think it's okay :D Please read the whole thing! It's not finished yet, but the story gets better as it goes on! Click here to read it in seperate chapters:


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Username Needed Username Needed 17 September 2016

Hybrid version of Wide Smile.

Short introduction is I've made my own psted together version of the script in an attempt to make the show actually run smoothly (I adore it so, but it's alway been amessy show) and was wondering what people's aopions of this version of Wide Smile is.  I think it msuicaly scans together without awkward jumps. (Just as an aside, I've made Greaseball female, 'cause why not?)

Enter CB + Greaseball


Hey Greaseball, excuse me a minute.

Just a word...


Alright, what is it?


I want you to know
That I'm going to ensure
your position as champ
is completely secure


I know that I'm winning this race.

Stop grinning, cut to the chase.


The steam train's fast

We haven't seen it yet

But the puffy little engine could turn out to be a threat.


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Belle pullman Belle pullman 10 September 2016

To Do List:

  • Category pages for all categories, and categories for the categories.  
  • Standardise character pages
  • Fill character galleries - lots more photos
  • Character actor categories - Cats links
  • Song pages, format lyrics, standardise, infobox
  • Delete designs duplicates
  • Skate Coaches and Dance captains categories
  • More production info - resident directors etc.
  • Galleries on actor's pages; resume pics and text
  • Encyclopaedic tone throughout

...that's enough for now....

  • German Language pages, esp song pages
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Belle pullman Belle pullman 9 September 2016

Misogyny in Starlight Express

  • 1 Misogyny and other Criticisms of Starlight Express
  • 2 Sexism and Female Agency
    • 2.1 Pearl
    • 2.2 Dinah
    • 2.3 Engines vs Coaches
  • 3 Racism in Starlight Express

While Starlight Express is pitched as a fun, magical, family-friendly story, there have always been criticisms of the show, particularly in relation to the treatment of female characters, and allegations of racism.

At the heart of the story is an inequity - all the Engines are male, all the female characters are the less powerful coaches and components - they exist for the Engines to race with.  Coaches work the passenger train - their lyrics in "Freight " tell us, apart from racing, they work hard and have their own lives.  The components are mysterious, Electra's entourage. But within the action of t…

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Belle pullman Belle pullman 2 February 2016

2016 Cast?

As the official Twitter updates....

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Eddieblake Eddieblake 31 October 2015

Ponystar Express

  • Twilight Sparkle.
  • Spike.
  • Shining Armour.
  • Cheese Sandwich.
  • Rainbow Dash.
  • Princess Celestia.
  • Princess Luna.
  • Princess Cadance.
  • Pinkie Pie.
  • Applejack.
  • Rarity.
  • Zecora.
  • Double Diamond.
  • Ditzy Hooves.
  • Sunset Shimmer.

The Rockers.

  • Fire Streak.
  • High Winds.
  • Blaze.

Rainbow Dash's Entourage.

  • Lightning Dash
  • Amarathine.
  • Blue Nile.
  • Turf.
  • Nightingale.

National Ponies.

  • Maud Pie.
  • Lucky Clover.
  • Meadow Song.
  • Peachy Sweet.
  • Trixie.
  • Teddie Safari.

Act One.

  1. Overture - Twilight Sparkle..
  2. Rolling Stock - Cheese Sandwich, Gang.
  3. Call Me Crazy - Shining Armour, Cheese Sandwich, Gang, Cadance, Pinkie Pie, Applejack, Rarity.
  4. You Can't Be Serious - Shining Armour, Cadance, Pinkie Pie, Applejack, Rarity.
  5. Entry of the National Ponies - Spike, National Ponies, Shining Armour.
  6. Electric - Sweetie Belle, Cadance, F…

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