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Carrie the Luggage Van is a new character, added to the show for the Bochum 2018 re-writes.

In German, Carrie is "Carrie, der Gepäckwaggon".


Carrie is one of the established coaches in the train set, friends with Dinah and Belle the Bar Car. She races with Ruhrgold, and makes the final, a role previously held by Joule.


Carrie's costume consists of a muted steel-grey dress with bright tan accents. She has a recurring feature of fake "Louis Vuitton" pattern running across the luggage on her head, her belt, and her shoulders. The sides of her skirt feature a tan stripe with suitcases in darker brown. Her chest features letting spelling out "FRAGILE", and a lower panel includes colourful destination stamps. Her shoulders include luggage handles. She wears a number of cases on her head. Early press photos were taken with her wearing only two suitcases on her head; this was increased to four by opening night.



Bochum, Germany

2018 - 2019 Veronika Hammer
2019 - 2020 Emilie de Leslay
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