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The Coaches are the hardworking, customer-oriented heart of the passenger train. They serve as the foil to the freight train, as race partners to the national engines, and as love interests for Rusty, Greaseball and Electra.

Most productions of Starlight Express have 4 coaches. The characters themselves have changed with different productions.

Every production of Starlight Express uses:

  • Pearl the Observation/First Class Coach
  • Dinah the Dining Car

In the original London production, Pearl and Dinah were joined by:

The line-up has changed over the years.

Belle the Sleeping Car and the sleepers were removed from the show relatively early on. Over time, the following characters have made an appearance:

  • Duvay the Sleeping Car replaced Ashley for the 2012 UK tour
  • Belle the Bar Car replaced Ashley in Bochum in 2018
  • Carrie the Luggage Van replaced Buffy in Bochum in 2018

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