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Starlight Express has inspired generations of dedicated, imaginative fans, who have created transformative works within the world of Control's train set. This Fandom is roughly broken into three overlapping areas:

  • Fanfic - telling further stories inside the world - written stories, new characters, staged sequels, new songs, all come under the heading of fanfic.
  • Art - a show as visually impressive as Starlight Express inspires many people to paint, draw, model, or sew related media.
  • Cosplay - Recreating costumes from the various productions for fun, rather than for a fully staged production of the show.

Of course art may include new characters, or performing a new song might be done in cosplay, and cosplay can be considered a form of art.

All forms of fandom are welcome on this wiki, however it is important to maintain the distinction between canon (facts we see played out in replica productions) and fan theories and ideas.

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