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Starlight Express has been recorded a fair few times over the years, and certainly in interesting ways!  It'd be boring if they just recorded the cast performing the show, right?  right?  Well, most of the time they haven't.  The only complete live recording is the 1989 German recording.  But all the other recordings, concept albums, EPs and highlights, are certainly interesting!

Also, a show this spectacular has made a lot of TV Appearances over the years.  Some of these have even survived to be uploaded to Youtube!

The most up-to-date recording of Starlight was released by the German production in January 2015, however the recording dates from June 2013. The release suffered significant production delays and was not available for its intended release around the German production's 25th Anniversary.

1984 Original London Cast (remastered 2005)

1987 US Concept Album (Music and Songs from Starlight Express)

1987 Japan/Australia Cast Highlights

1988 Bochum Cast Concept Album

1989 Bochum complete live (remastered 2003)

1991 Bochum highlights

1993 "New" Starlight Express London (remastered 2007)

1997 Mexico/Cast Recording

2003 Bochum Cast Recording (5-track EP)

2013 Bochum Live

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