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Starlight Express been rewritten a lot since it was first performed. Songs have been altered, added and deleted for different productions. You'll find every song at the bottom of the page.

Generic Song List

Most productions use this structure:

Act 1

Act 2

Songs by Production

London (1984, 1992)

See Here for London Song Lists

Broadway (1987)

The Broadway production was a complete re-write and re-structuring from the original London production, with many changes to streamline the story and angle it towards the American audience.

Japan/ Australia Tour (1987)

The 1987 Japan/Australia Tour was heavily based on the Broadway show, but with certain aspects like the "Silver Dollar" plot removed. Belle the Sleeping Car was also cut.

Bochum (1988 - Present)

See Here for Bochum Song Lists

US Tour (1989)

Much like the Japan/Australia tour, the 1989 US Tour was a streamlined version of the Broadway show.

Las Vegas (1993-1997)

The Las Vegas production ran at a reduced, one-act 90 minute show.

US (2003) / UK / International Tours

The 2003 US Tour saw major overhauls of the older material, featuring contributions by David Yazbek. A lot of this material was stripped out of the show for the 2004 UK Tour, replaced with some material from the late London production. The 2012 UK Tour saw more new material, particularly in modern orchestrations, to keep the show sounding contemporary.

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