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Chrissy Wickham is a British choreographer and dancer who created the role of Ashley in Starlight Express. She met Arlene Phillips and worked for her performing in the group Hot Gossip.

Starlight Express Credits

London - 1984 - Ashley

London - 1988-89 - Production Supervisor

1984 Biography

Chrissie Wickham (Ashley) trained at The Arts Educational Schools for eight years, where she first met and studied with Arlene Phillips. On leaving, she became one of the original members of Hot Gossip, performing in cabarets and commercials and eventually the film Can't Stop The Music in Hollywood, followed by a featured part in the British film Music Machine. After Hot Gossip, she began teaching and choreographing pop groups, stage shows, commercials and cabarets all around the world, successes in Britain being the three successive winning entries in The Eurovision Song Contest with Bucks Fizz, Bardot, and Sweet Dreams. However, she still found time to perform, notably as The Water Spirit in Masquerade at The Young Vic and finally in the Starlight Express workshop, which lead to Ashley and her first West End role.