Danni Wing (née Kearsley-Wooller) is an actress with a long involvement with Starlight Express.

Starlight Express Credits

Bochum - 1998-99 - Buffy (cover Pearl, Dinah)

London - 06/1999-00 - Ashley

London - 2000-01 - Swing

Bochum - 2001-02 - Pearl

Bochum - 2002-03 - Pearl

Bochum - 2003-04 - Pearl

Bochum - 2004-05 - Pearl


Danni initially played Buffy in the German production of Starlight Express in 1998, then Ashley in London in 1999.  However due to the fact that the London cast changed in April and the German cast in June, she did not start as Ashley until several weeks into the 1999 cast.  in 2000 she was a swing in the London cast, covering all female roles.  In 2001 she returned to Germany to play Pearl, which she continued until the 2005 cast change.

Biography (1999)

Trained: Sarah Goffe Theatre School; Performers College, Essex.

Theatre: Tommy (UK tour); Buffy and understudied Pearl and Dinah in Starlight Express (Bochum, Germany).

Personal Life

While playing Pearl in Germany, Danni married Matthew Wing, who was a fellow cast member.  As is the custom in Germany, she then performed under her married name. Danni also took two periods of maternity leave from the show as she and Matthew started their family, so although she was first cast Pearl for 4 years, she was not performing constantly throughout this time.



Next Time You Fall in Love subbed

Danni Wing as Pearl and Jamie Golding as Rusty, Bochum

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