"Dinah's Disconnection" is a short scene that is an essential piece of storytelling within the show, in which Dinah refuses to race with Electra again. The German title is Dinahs Trennung (Dinah's break-up).

The title "Dinah's Disco" is an abbreviation of "Disconnection" rather than a reference to the musical style, which is nevertheless appropriate.

Dinah's rebellion marks the beginning of the end of Electra's reign, as she insults his virility and attraction, she damages his ego which is the centre of his character. This number also makes it clear what the innuendo of "whistling" involves, as Dinah points out Electra's codpiece as he "lacks the apparatus".


The scene comes immediately after Starlight Sequence, and provides a distinct change of pace and mood from the intense magical moments to comic relief.

Dinah has finally reached the end of her tether, having been dumped by Greaseball, and picked up by Electra who simply doesn't treat her in the way she is used to. She disconnects Electra, causing him to scramble for a new partner for the Downhill Final. Ignoring all his components around him, Electra calls on Caboose to race with him instead. It is never made clear why Electra doesn't choose to race with a component, when some, but not all, have already raced in heats, but instead chooses to race with the known psychotic and treacherous Caboose.


The revised London show, which ran without Caboose, had Electra summon Buffy to replace Dinah. As far as Buffy is concerned, Rusty is damaged and unable to race again, so she is free to take another race partner.

For many years, "Dinah's Disco" reprised the melody of "He Whistled at Me", in which Pearl makes clear how important an engine's whistle is to a coach. Elsewhere in the musical this melody is used as a representation of the Steam Engines through the "Engine of Love" motif, but its context in this scene links from the original production which did not include "Engine of Love".

in the 2018 Bochum version the scene was rewritten as short reprises of 'I Got Me ' and 'AC/DC '.


Dinah: I'm fed up with all this racing, This Electric thing I'm chasing,
Doesn't have that certain something That a girl expects to hear!
He never whistles at me, It's damaging my status
I don't think he can whistle at me, He lacks the apparatus!
Why do you never whistle at me? Beginning to suspect you,
I need someone to whistle at me, I'm gonna disconnect you!
Electra: C.B, C.B, Dinah's gone and made a disconnection,
C.B! C.B! You gotta help me in the final section!
(Control begins the Race: Downhill Final)

Electra's lines alter in various productions, calling on "Red Caboose" instead of "C.B.". In the later London production, once CB was cut, Electra instead called on Buffy to take Dinah's place.

Electra: Who cares, who cares, Dining cars can make you wait forever.
Hey Buffet, make my day, make it fast, and make it now or never!
Buffy: Electricity gives me a charge!

2017– ('I Got Me' version)


I'm through with racing 'cause what I'm chasing
He doesn't do the things that I want him to
He might be electric, but I'll disconnect it
'Cause I'm starting to suspect it - hoooooo!

I got me and that's all I need
I say goodbye and watch you cry
I got me and that's all I need
You're history, I'm breaking free

Electra You gotta help me
Dinah has left me
Caboose I can help you if the price is right
Electra: Thirty grand?
Caboose: Ten?
Electra: Okay, let's say twenty
Caboose: Done!
Greaseball will be out like a light
AC/DC it's okay by me
Racing's easy if you pay the fee