Starlight Express Credits

London - 1985 - Hashamoto (cover Flat-Top)

London - 1986 - 03/1987 - Hashamoto

London - 03/1987 - Weltschaft (cover Flat-Top)

London - 03/1988 - Weltschaft, Dance Captain

London - 09/1988 - 10/1989 - "ensemble"

London - 10/1991 - Swing

London - 04/1992 - Swing

Biography (1991)

Eamon Geoghagen was born in the county of Carlow in Eire. He moved to London to attend Drama school and, upon graduating, was offered the role of Costard in Love Labour's Lost at the Rheingold Theatre. Shortly afterwards Eamon made his West End debut in Starlight Express playing Flat-Top and other roles. Eamon was most recently seen in The Playboy of the Western World playing the title role and She Stoops to Conquer in which he played Sir Charles Marlowe, both for Century Theatre directed by Kevin Robinson.

In addition to his theatre credits and prior to his return to Starlight Express, Eamon has appeared in various pop videos and on television in The Bill (Thames) and, most recently, London's Burning (LWT).

Biography (1988)

Eamon Geoghegan began skating in 1972 at Alexandra Palace. His many skating achievements include, Junior Roller Dance Champion of Great Britain twice, Junior European BronzeMedallist for Roller Dancing, Senior European Bronze Medallist for Roller Dancing, BronzeMedallist in the World Games for Roller Dancing and five times British Senoir Roller Dance Champion. He has represented Great Britain in Roller Skating all over the world.

His television appearances include Play Sport for the BBC, a guest on Barrie Took's Top Secret for BBC1 and The World of Sport Roller Skating Gala for ITV. Eamon has also appeared in a Loxene shampoo advert, and has done various promotions for British Telecom and Budweiser Beer. He has also been a dancer for Flock of Seagulls, Boys Don't Cry, and Colenso Parade's Video promotions. Eamon is also the Skating Coach for the show. Eamon recently choreographed a film for John Schlesinger and a trade show in Geneva. He would like to dedicate every performance to his son Luke.

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