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Bochum - 2019-20 - Belle the Bar Car (cover Mama)

2019 Biography

“One day you will see me on stage and on TV!”

This sentence shaped Emmanuelle's childhood and should come true in her future. Trained in the Choreia Arts Studio in Paris with a successful degree in 2013, the young artist received her first engagement in the play "Princess Et Princesses" at the Théâtre Antoine in Paris the following year. In 2015 the dancer was part of the dance crew at the “Frozen Sing Along Show” at Disneyland Paris. Immediately afterwards she played the role of Marie in "Fausse Mustache". Emmanuelle played the leading role of Demeter in “Cats” in 2015 at the Théâtre Mogador and in 2016 in the course of Royal Caribbean Productions. In 2017 Emmanuelle‘s path led back to Disneyland Paris, where she again took part as a dancer in “Grand Celebration”. In the same year the French played Rizzo in "Grease, le musical" at the Théâtre Mogador in Paris. In 2018 she got the role of Frenchy in "Sweet Charity" at the Nottingham Playhouse. As a dancer she was recently able to convince her audience in "Kiss Me Kate" at the Sheffield Crudible Theater.