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Starlight Express Credits

London - 03/1987 - 03/1988 - Gang

London - 03/1988 - 09/1988 - Hashamoto / Gang

London - 09/1988 - 10/1989 - "Ensemble"

Bochum - 11/1989 - 06/1990 - Swing (cover Rusty, Rockies, Flat Top, Purse, Krupp, National Engines, Gang)

Bochum - 06/1990 - Hashamoto

London - 1993-94 - Swing

London - 1994-95 - Swing

London - 1995-96 - Swing

Biography (1994)

Trained: Sylvia Young Theatre School

Theatre:Leroy Smith in Bugsy Malone; Pallino in Liola (Bloomsbury Theatre); Hashamoto in Starlight Express (Apollo Victoria); Rocky 2 in Starlight Express (Bochum, Germany).

Galas / Concerts: International Children's Royal Variety Performance.

Television: William in Robbie (Thames); David in 16-Up Racism; Gary in Fit for the Job (BBC); William in Nobody's Heroes (ITV); Outside Edge; Election Day (LWT).

Films: The Human Factor and The Bounty.

Recording: as a member of the band D.T.S. with a record deal in Europe.

Biography (1989)

Gary Forbes was born in London on 7th April 1970. He has attended the Sylvia Young Theatre School for nine years. He made his screen debut at the age of 8 in a TV commercial with Cilla Black. Gary has appeared in the film The Human Factor as Sam, alongside Sir Richard Attenborough, Nicol Williamson and Sir John Gielgud, and in Mutiny with Mel Gibson and Anthony Hopkins. Gary played Leroy Smith in Bugsy Malone at Her Majesty's Theatre, William in Nobody's Hero on ITV, and has been in Children's Royal Variety Performances, Night of 100 Stars and many TV commercials.

It has been his greatest ambition to appear in Starlight Express. He would like to thank Sylvia Young Theatre School for taking him through his theatrical training, but many thianks to Mum and Dad for their love and dedication throughout the years.