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Jeffrey Daniel is an American dancer, singer-songwriter, and choreographer who originated the role of Electra in Starlight Express.

He is most well known for being a former member of the R&B group Shalamar as well as working and choreographing for Michael Jackson.

Starlight Express History

London - 1984 - Electra

1984 Biography

Jeffrey Daniel (Electra) Born Los Angeles, California, 24th August 1955. Raised in Gospel Church Choir with Mother as pianist. She's also a classical pianist. Inspired by Movie and TV comics such as Laurel & Hardy, Jerry Lewis, Danny Kaye, Marx Brothers and cartoons. 1st performance: On front steps for neighbourhood kids. 1st National appearance: Soul Train, TV Dance and Variety Show, where he and partner, Jody Wately, were selected for Shalamar recording group. After 3 Gold Albums, 1 Platinum(US) and several Gold Singles, Shalamar travelled to Europe, where Jeffrey's solo appearances on Top Of The Pops placed Shalamar on the British map and also earned him spots on Music Magazine's cover and a role in Pal McCartney's movie Give My Regards To Broad Street.