Killerwatt is Electra's bodyguard. He was added to the show for the 2017 London workshop and, subsequently, the Bochum 2018 rewrites.


Killerwatt is Electra's bodyguard – in German, "sicherheitswagen". He is imposing, aggressive, and takes no argument. He is also Electra's messenger, so speaks on behalf of his master.


Killerwatt inherited Purse's role as Electra's messenger, as well as Krupp's role of Electra's bodyguard. He does not race, but he does invite Pearl then later, Dinah, to race with Electra.


Killerwatt wears a monochrome outfit of pinstripes, with a wig styled in a flat-top with shaved sides. His shoulder boxes appear to be an abstract design inspired by the pinstripes, and include LED lights. His chest box is a very literal label with his name and position: "KILLERWATT SECURITY". He wears arm bands that contain a reference to his predecessor Krupp - the design from Krupp's chest box reading "DANGER HIGH VOLTAGE" is reproduced in monochrome and scaled down on Killerwatt's arms.



Bochum, Germany

2018 - 2019 Huon Mackley
2019 - 2020 Isaac Edwards
2020 - 2021 Jay Le Marrec
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