At the finish line of the last heat, all the characters assemble to give their opinions on who's made it into the final.


At the end of Race: Heat Three, Poppa is exhausted and close to death, but has won a place in the final. Poppa nominates Rusty to take his place in the Final, in front of the Freight and Belle, but Rusty is reluctant. Then Greaseball, and his gang, Electra with Pearl and his components, the National engines and the coaches, all find them and laugh at Rusty. Pearl publicly sides with Electra, which provokes Rusty to fight back, and take Poppa's place in the final race. Caboose speaks up and reminds Rusty he's right there to help. However, with Caboose being cut in the 1992 London Revamp, Rusty instead interrupts Pearl and yells, "Stop! I'll take Poppa's place!" This change was added in the Bochum 2001 production, with the translation being, "Stop! Ich spring für Papa ein," but then, in 2003, they decided to add Caboose's line back, but still keep Rusty's interruption. In 2008, they decided to go back to the 2001 change. The ensemble leave Rusty calling him a "Laughing Stock", and saying "He hasn't got a chance".

Rusty is left alone to sing Starlight Express at the end of act 1.


RUSTY: Hey there, Poppa, you were great
Poppa, look at you, your boiler is cold
DUSTIN: My fault
I'm too heavy for an engine that old
He should not be pulling freight
POPPA: Rusty, Rusty listen to me, I can't carry on
Looks as though my racing days have just come and gone
Proved I could do it, showed I was once great!
Can't do it now, though, can't manage the weight.
But got me a position, got a placing in the race
Now Rusty, I can trust you,
Take it for me, go and enter in my place!
Get in there and win the game!
RUSTY: No, Poppa, No!
POPPA: Must I kill myself to make you see sense?
RUSTY: Poppa! I do not believe, no point in pretense
And I couldn't take that losing shame!
GREASEBALL: Well lookie here, they said this train could go 
If it could go at all, it'd sure go slow! 
Don't stop now - you gotta keep it going all night 
Will you be racing in his place? 
FREIGHT: Should do! 
GREASEBALL: Then you can prove that steam is really through! 
Don't stop Poppa, don't stop Rusty 
FREIGHT: Leave old Poppa, leave young Rusty 
FREIGHT AND GANG: Leave old/don't stop Poppa, leave young/don't stop Rusty 
ELECTRA: Clear my track, what's all this rubbish? 
This rusty wreck must go! Clear my track! 
PEARL: Clear my track, this is my train now! 
This could be my dream! Clear my track! 
Caboose: All alone, you think you're on your own
You think there's no one in the world
But look behind,
And then you'll find
There's me.
Rusty: I'm gonna race you, Greaseball 
GANG: Hahahahahaha! 
RUSTY: I'm gonna race you, Electra! 
COMPONENTS: *hysterical digital shriek* 
RUSTY: I'm gonna show you just what steam can do! 
ALL: Rolling stock, he'll be a laughing stock! 
Rolling stock, laughing stock! 
Rolling stock, laughing stock...(as they exit) 
POPPA: That's my boy - I knew you'd believe. 
RUSTY: Poppa, I have to believe...
I have no choice...

1988 German Lyrics

Rusty: Oh man, Papa, du warst toll!
Aber Papa schau, dein Kessel ist kalt!
Dustin: Ich weiß! Bin zu schwer für ihn und er ist zu alt.
Dieses Rennen war zu doll.
Papa: Rusty. Rusty, hör' mir zu, ich kann jetzt nicht mehr.
Dieses Rennen war für mich wohl doch zu schwer.
Ich hab' gewonnen, ich hab' es geschafft.
Doch wie du siehst, hab' ich nicht mehr die Kaft,
jetzt noch einmal zu rennen, bis zum Schluss dabei zu sein.
'Drum Rusty, dir vertrau' ich,
du musst für mich rennen, sollst der Sieger sein.
Rusty, du musst für mich los!
Rusty: Nein, Papa, nein!
Papa: Deine Zweifel bringen mich noch ins Grab!
Rusty: Ich glaub' nicht, dass ich dabei Chancen hab'...
Greaseball: Ich hab' gehört, der macht beim Rennen mit?
Der glaubt im Ernst, er sei tatsächlich fit?
Du machst mit und keiner kann dich bremsen, heut' Nacht?
Nimmst du jetzt seine Stelle ein?
Gang: Na klar!
Greaseball: Beweist dann allen: Dampf ist viel zu schwach.
Mach' mit Papa, mach' mit Rusty!
Hoppers, Dustin, Caboose: Lass es Papa, lass es Rusty!
Lass es Papa, lass es Rusty!
Greaseball, Flat-Top, Hashamoto: Mach' mit Papa, mach' mit Rusty!
Electra: Aus dem Weg, was soll der Unsinn?
Components: Der Rost kann doch nicht fahr'n?
Electra: Aus dem Weg!
Pearl: Aus dem Weg, ich will mit ihm geh'n.
Er ist jetzt mein Traum, aus dem Weg!
Caboose: Ganz allein, niemand will bei dir sien
Die Welt scheint leer und ohne Sinn
Schau zu mir hin, du weißt ich bin
Dein Freund.
Rusty: Ich renn' gegen dich, Greaseball!
Greaseball, Flat-Top, Turnov, Hashamoto: Hahaha!
Rusty: Ich renn' gegen dich, Electra!
Components: Hihihi!
Rusty: Ich werd' euch zeigen, was Dampf noch kann!
Greaseball, Electra, Components, Flat-Top, Turnov, Hashamoto: Rolling Stock, Bummellok!
Hoppers, Caboose, Dustin, Coaches: Er hat doch keine Chance!
Greaseball, Electra, Components, Flat-Top, Turnov, Hashamoto: Rolling Stock, Bummellok!
Hoppers, Caboose, Dustin, Coaches: Er hat doch keine Chance!
Papa: Ich wusste es, du glaubst also doch.
Rusty: Papa, ich muss doch glauben, hab' keine Wahl.