Starlight Express Credits

London - 1992 - Swing

London - 1992-93 - Prince of Wales

London - 1993-94 - Bobo (cover Rusty, Greaseball)

Bochum - 1994-95 - Swing (cover Rusty, Greaseball, Dustin, National Engines)

Bochum - 1995-96 - Dustin (cover Rusty, Greaseball)

Bochum - 1997-98 - Swing (cover Rusty, Greaseball, Dustin, National Engines)

New Zealand Tour - 07-08/2009 - Greaseball

2009 Biography

Born and bred in Taradale, Matthew spent his teenage years on Auckland's North Shore, before completing 7th Farm as an exchange student in Germany.

Since leaving New Zealand in 1990 to persue a career on the stage, Matthew has had the good fortune to play leading roles in some of musical theatre's most successful shows. Rusty and Greaseball in Starlight Express at the Apollo Victoria Theatre in London and in Bochum, Germany. Kenickie and Danny Zuko in Grease at the Victoria Palace Theatre, London. Munkustrap in Cats. Monty in Saturday Night Fever, and The Pharoah in Andrew Lloyd Webber's Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.

Matthew also appeared in the film version of Joseph... alongside Donny Osmond and Sir Richard Attenborough.

In February this year Matthew won 1st prize at the World Peace Film and Music Awards for a song and video he wrote and produced himself, then in June fulfilled his greatest ambition, when he sang the National Anthem at the Second Test between the All Blacks and France in Wellington: a very special moment and great honour for him.

After 16 years performing in London and in Germany, Matthew is thrilled to finally be making his professional debut back home in New Zealand.

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