Hi People!

Welcome to the Starlight Express Wiki! Do you want to make a difference on this wiki but you don't know where to begin? Were you working on something and now you can't remember? Here's a few ideas and guidelines for this wiki:


  • Stub Articles - these are articles that DEFINITELY need work! Start here if you're looking for where to start.
  • People - Cast and Creatives pages need work! Ideally we'd have an out of costume headshot, an in-costume photo or two, and their (dated) biography, plus links to website/twitter/instagram, as well as the "Starlight Express Credits" section at the top of each page. But there's a LOT of People pages. If you want to go in and play favourites, and write up info for some people, please do, just remember they or their families might find the page, so don't write anything you wouldn't want them seeing!
  • Photos onto Actor's Pages - We have a lot of photos - most of them are clearly labelled (I'm working on it!) and these photos should added to the performers' pages.
  • Cast Lists - our archives are missing a few crucial years! I *think* the London Casts are complete, apart from individual comings and goings, but Bochum Casts are missing some... there's something odd going on around 2003-04? We're also missing Las Vegas 1995 - all I know is it's when Greg Ellis and Reva Rice were reunited, but they didn't quite perform a 2-man show? If you have any further information, please add it in, either on the page itself or in the comments at the bottom of each page. So if you find more information, please add it.
  • Articles, news reports, interviews... let's link across to sources! It's worth copying the text into a page on here, as newspaper archives are constantly disappearing as much as they appear. Translations of German sources are much appreciated! To create a new page you can literally type wiki/1984_London_production/News Article Headline Date to create a sub-page of the production that the article is about. Neat huh?

Wiki Guidelines - It makes everyone's lives easier if we follow the same basic guidelines.

  • Source Editor. Trust me on this one, give it a go - the easiest way to edit the wiki is to open a page in "Classic Editor" (next to the big "Edit" button that takes you to the upgraded editor) and then top-right, switch to "Source". The code is really not hard to follow, and you can be far more precise. Getting to it this way even gives you colour-coding! I keep a text file on my computer desktop with useful code that I can copy and paste into articles. Saves so much time.
  • Encyclopedic Tone. This wiki should read as an objective, informative reference. We've got plenty of space here, so there's no problem hosting as many headcanons as we want, but we need to have a clear division between "this is information from the show" and "this is logical supposition made by fans" - and in the middle, a distinct category of "this is something I saw one time onstage from specific actors' portrayal of the role".
  • Pictures - When you upload a photo, you NEED To change the file name. Picture names should be character/actor/production = "Electra Bochum 1992 Mykal Rand 06.jpg" if possible. Or at least, as much of that information as you know... For a group photo, either "Rusty Coaches", or "Pumping Iron" etc. The goal is to make it easy to identify the image from the filename.
  • Sister Wiki - this wiki is closely aligned and modelled along with the Cats Wiki - but that project is bigger and more active simply because Cats is a bigger and more active show! But I'm admin for both - not alone on either - so there's no problem popping over there for ideas, bits of useful code, or anything useful! There's not really any fundamental differences in structure between the two projects, so the same policies apply to both. Also, there's cross-linking between those who have worked on both shows.

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