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Michal Fraley is the skating coach and guru for Starlight Express since the late 1980s.

Initially hired for a few weeks to teach the first Broadway cast to skate, Fraley was soon appointed as the production's resident skate coach. He has since worked on almost every professional production of Starlight Express, including London, Las Vegas, both US and UK tours, and Bochum, where he has been resident, on and off, since 1990[1]. He also served briefly as the Bochum production's Resident Artistic Director before being replaced by Glenn Neate.

Fraley has published a memoir about his career with the show, entitled Skating the Starlight Express.

He played Caboose in the 1989 US Tour race footage.

Starlight Express Credits

Broadway - Skate Coach

US Tour - 11/1989 - Skate Coach

Las Vegas - 09/1993 - Skate Supervisor

UK Tour - 11/2004 - Skating Consultant

UK Tour - 05/2012 - Skating Consultant


Interview with Michal Fraley and Arlene Phillips, 2013

Interview, US Tour, 1990


Backstage Promo - New Zealand Tour 2009


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