"Pearl Twirl" is a short scene at the beginning of act 2, between The Rap and "U.N.C.O.U.P.L.E.D.".


Following on from The Rap, Greaseball invites Pearl to race with him. She agrees, leaving Electra without a partner, and ignoring Dinah's heartbreak.

This scene contrasts with Pearl's previous decision on race partners, "He Whistled At Me" or "Make Up My Heart", in which she spent considerable energy deciding who to race with. Now she considers racing to be "Only Fun", and sees no problem leaving her current partner for her best friend's boyfriend.

As the show has been revised, this number has changed significance. In productions including "There's Me", Greaseball has already dumped Dinah, but with that number cut, Greaseball has not technically broken up with Dinah prior to asking Dinah's best friend to replace her as his partner. The fact that Pearl sees this as "Only fun" shows her lack of understanding of the situation.

In the Revised London show, Electra was given the opportunity to comment on the fact Pearl has just dumped him, in all other productions he remains silent.

Musically, this number is a reprise of "Pumping Iron", with Electra's lines being based on "AC/DC".

In some early productions- Broadway, Japan/Aus Tours, and the original German production - this scene was incorporated in "Hymn to Victory" which opened Act 2. In productions which open with a version of "The Rap", this scene is considered to stand alone.


English Lyrics

Greaseball: So waddya say then Pearl, you wanna try a whirl
Hear me knocking?
Pearl: Knock, knock.
Greaseball: Who's there?
Pearl: Pearl!
Greaseball: Pearl who?
Pearl: Pearl-ease can I go with you?
Greaseball: Hear me knocking
Pearl: I hear you, your knocking, it's shocking!
Dinah: I hope you're satisfied with what you've done,
You could have had your choice you took my only one.
Pearl: Come on, Dinah, it's only fun!
Quit crying, quit crying.
Greaseball: I'm pumping iron.

German Lyrics

Control: Hier ist Control, hier ist Control.
Achtung: das allesentscheidende Rennen geht gleich los.
Alle Züge haben jetzt nochmal die Gelegenheit,
ihre Partner zu wechseln.
Greaseball: Pearl, was sagst du dazu?
Wir beide: ich und du haben Rhythmus.
Pearl: Rhythmus?
Greaseball: Spürst du's?
Pearl: Ja!
Greaseball: Komm mit!
Pearl: Okay, ich fahr' gern' mit dir!
Greaseball: Ich hab' Rhythmus.
Pearl: Ich spüre den Rhythmus, welch' Rhythmus!
Dinah: Was du getan hast, find' ich sehr gemein!
Du hast doch and're Ware - muss es Greaseball sein?!
Pearl: Dinah, du musst nicht traurig sein,
musst nicht weinen, nicht weinen!
Greaseball: I'm pumping iron.