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The Really Useful Group is an entertainment company set up by Andrew Lloyd Webber in 1977 initially to own and manage his creative works. It has since produced works by other composers and branched into other areas, such as film production and property, owning several West End theatres.

The company got its name from the phrase "Really Useful Engine" often used in the Rev. W Awdry's book series “The Railway Series”, which were originally going to be adapted into a live show. This idea eventually culminated into Starlight Express.

The Really Useful Group holds the rights to Starlight Express in all its forms, and licenses productions of the material.

London - 1984 - Producer

UK Tour - 2012 - Special arrangement with Bill Kenwright to produce the show.

Credits (1984)

The Company has been responsible for co-producing "Jeeves Takes Charge", "Cats", "Song & Dance", "On Your Toes", and "Cafe Puccini". It has solely produced in London "Starlight Express", "Daisy Pulls It Off", "The Hired Man", and "Lend Me A Tenor". The parent company, The Really Useful Group, a public company, owns the Palace Theatre in London and is actively involved throughout the world in theatre, music publishing, recording, television and video.