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Renee Chambers-Liciga (née Chambers) is an American choreographer, stage director and teacher. She is married to fellow Starlight alumni Peter Liciaga.

During Chambers' first year in Bochum, she was fired from the company after missing three weeks of performances having broken her foot during rehearsals then flown home to the US for a family funeral. In the US, such a firing would have be illegal, but in Germany at the time, representation for actors was less developed. Chambers credits this episode with establishing better standards for performers in Bochum[1]. The situation was resolved amicably. Chambers not only returned to the company, but went on to perform in the show on tour in the US and again in Bochum.

Starlight Express Credits

Bochum - 1988-89 - Swing

US Tour 1 - 1989 - 91 - Wrench (Cover Buffy, Ashley)

Bochum - 1992-93 - Swing (cover Ashley, Buffy, Joule, Volta)