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"Rusty, Why You Looking Sad?" is the short scene at the end of "Poppa's Blues", where a despondent Rusty turns up to explain why he's not in the race.


So far in the story, Rusty has failed to secure a race partner - his beloved Pearl chose to race with Electra instead of him. Disheartened and depressed, Rusty returns to the Freight yard where Poppa has been singing the Blues. Poppa asks him what's wrong, and in the original version, suggests Rusty should race with Belle in Race: Heat Two.

Later versions of the show, without Belle, merge this scene, along with "Starlight Express Intro" which came after Belle's Song, and "Boy, Boy, Boy" which occurred after Heat two, into one short scene to cover the plot point of Poppa taking part in the race.

Musically, the Original London section of this scene uses the "Call Me Rusty" melody. The Starlight Express Intro obviously incorporates the title song melody, and the "Boy Boy Boy" section relates to the Race music, and quotes "Light at the End of the Tunnel".


Original London

Poppa: Rusty why you looking sad?
Rusty: I got no hope
Poppa: What you mean? I taught you all that I know
Rusty: I know
Poppa: You'll surprise them when it's your turn to go
Rusty: No sir.
I lost the coach I thought I had.
Poppa: What, Pearl?
Rusty: Yeah, Pearl.
I went and asked her for a race.
Poppa: She wouldn't play?
Rusty: And the rest said no, I knew that they would.
Poppa: Oh no.
We can find another!
Freight: Yes sir we could!
Rusty: No way.
Poppa, listen it's too late.
Poppa: Rusty, you ain't got no faith.
I am a steamer, I was a champion once!
You like the rest, you just blind.
Rusty: No no, I see good, I see without no coach
I got no chance in the race.
Poppa: Look behind you, what do you see?
Rusty: Nothing but an old sleeping car.
Poppa: You got an alarm bell?
Rusty: I do
Poppa: Then Ring it boy (ring that bell!)
Rusty: I can't pull that
It's peeling, and, well, old.
(into Belle's Song)

Revised, Merged Version

Poppa: Rusty why you looking sad?
Rusty: I got no hope
Pearl decided she's not racing with me
Poppa: So, take Rocky with you!
Rockies: Why not take three?
Poppa: Maybe Flat-top would be good
Rusty: No, Poppa, No!
For all the chance I got, I might as well take Dustin!
Jeez I'm sorry Dustin, but you could lose a few pounds huh?
(Starlight Express Intro)
Poppa: Rusty, you ain't got no faith.
I am a steamer, I was a champion once!
You like the rest, you just blind.
Rusty: No no I see good, there ain't no power in steam no more!
Electricity is faster now.
Poppa: NO!
Let me hear you say STEAM!
Rusty: (steam)
Poppa: Let me hear you ALL say STEAM!
Freight: STEAM!
Flat-Top: Oil, oil, oil!!
Poppa: Oil? Is the work of the Diesel himself.
How many times have you found
Though you were firm on the ground,
Still the world around you sways?
You notice all that you got
Does not add up to a lot
And the way ahead's a maze?
You've used everything inside you
So maybe it's time to try to find
A brand new power to shine a light
A light to brighten up your darkest hour?
Starlight Express hears your distress
He's there, all around
Starlight Express will answer you yes
He's waiting to be found.
Starlight Express hears your distress,
He's there all around,
Starlight Express will answer you yes, he's-
Five minutes to the second heat!
Racetime minus five minutes!
Racetime minus five minutes!
Poppa: Rusty?
Rusty: Not without Pearl!
(Boy Boy Boy)
Poppa: Who'll come with me? Who'll come with me?
Race behind me?
Freight: Poppa you're mad. Poppa you're mad!
Poppa: I'm gonna find me
Somebody to go with me, hey, come on Rocky!
Rocky 1: I can't I'm reserved, I got me a ride.
Poppa: Okay Flat-Top you'll do.
Flat-Top: No way, not with you!
Me? Go with a Steamer, all smelly and smokey?
All ancient and filthy, you got to be joking!
Dustin: I'll go with you. I'll go with you!
Poppa: I may be strong, son, but -
Dustin: Okay I know. I'll be too slow.
Poppa: Take too long, son.
Dustin: Oh Please, Poppa take me?
Rusty: No way it's all over,
The race is full up,
They'll blow you away.
There is no place for Steam on the railroad today!
Control: Control! Control!
Here is an announcement!
The British train has been scrapped!
Space for a late entry.
Space for a late entry...
Poppa: There's a light at the end of the tunnel
There's a light at the end of the tunnel!
Come on, Dustin!

2018 Bochum Lyrics

Mama: Rusty was ist mit dir los?
Rusty: Es tut so weh,
Pearl ist nicht mit mir beim Rennen dabei.
Mama: Nimm ‘nen Rocky mit dir
Rockies: Oder auch drei!
Mama: Oder Flat Top, der geht auch.
Rusty: Nein Mama, nein.
Mama: Rusty warum glaubst du nicht?
Ich bin ein Dampfzug,
Ich hab auch gesiegt.
Mir scheint du bist einfach blind.
Rusty: Nein nein, ich seh gut.
Doch ich weiß für Dampf ist es viel zu spät
Elektrizität kommt jetzt zum Zug.
Mama: Nein! Sprich mir nach und sag „Dampf!“
Rusty: ...Dampf.
Mama: Sprecht mir alle nach, sagt „Dampf!“
Mama, Rockies, Dustin: Daaaampf!
Flat Top: Öl, Öl, Öl!
Mama: Öl? Öl ist das Werk des Diesels, mein Kind.
Wird es um dich dunkel,
Wird es in dir still
Siehst du ein Licht leuchten in der Ferne
Und hörst du den Nachtzug der dich holen will
Dann folge nur dem Zug der Sterne
Starlight Express,
Starlight Express
Ist dir immer nah
Starlight Express
Er leuchtet dir jetzt
Macht deine Träume wahr.
Starlight Express,
Starlight Express
Ist dir immer nah
Starlight Express,
Starlight Express...
Control: Hier ist Control. Hier ist Control.
Noch fünf Minuten bis zum zweiten Rennen.
Noch fünf Minuten bis zum zweiten Rennen.
Mama: Rusty!
Rusty: Nein. Nicht ohne Pearl.
Mama: Wer fährt mit mir,
Wer fährt mit mir, in dem Rennen?
Rusty: Lass das bloß sein.
Rockies: Lass das bloß sein!
Mama: Ich find schon jemand.
Ich weiß jemand rennt mit mir,
Hey komm mit Rocky!
Rocky 1: Ich bin reserviert, ich mach schon ‘ne Fahrt.
Mama: Okay Flat Top, dann du.
Flat Top: Was ich und ‘ne Dampflok,
Die qualmt so und stinkt?!
Die ist alt und ganz dreckig
Und auch schon halb blind!
Dustin: Ich fahr mit dir. Ich fahr mit dir!
Mama: Ich bin zwar stark, aber...
Dustin: Okay ich weiß, ich bin zu lahm.
Mama: Du bist schwer, Kind.
Dustin: Oh Mama, bitte!
Rusty: Vergiss es, das Rennen ist voll,
Es ist nur ein vergeblicher Kampf.
Auf den Gleisen von heute ist
Kein Platz mehr für Dampf!
Control: Hier ist Control, hier ist Control.
Eine wichtige Nachricht!
Brexit, der britische Zug,
Hat sich selbst aus dem Rennen genommen.
Es ist ein Platz im Rennen frei geworden!
Es ist ein Platz im Rennen frei geworden!
Mama: Es gibt ein Licht ganz am Ende des Tunnels.
All: Es gibt ein Licht ganz am Ende des Tunnels.
Mama: Komm, Dustin.