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The 2nd and 3rd class Sleepers featured only briefly in the Original London Production. They were ensemble dancers in "Pumping Iron".

In the Broadway production, the show's running order was altered so Pumping Iron was Greaseball's response to AC/DC. This meant the Components were already onstage and the need for the Sleepers costumes was lost.


In the original running order, Pumping Iron came before AC/DC, and as such we had not yet met Volta, Joule or Wrench. In order to create a larger ensemble of girls dancing with Greaseball, two of the actresses playing components also played the 2nd and 3rd class sleepers for the one song. Since they then immediately changed to Components, photos of the Sleepers are very rare.


As the Sleepers have so little stage time, it is hard to say much about their personalities. However they did have one section of dialogue, in which they called out Greaseball's abusive behaviour towards Dinah:

Dinah: A lotta locomotion, I got already
I got Greaseball, and I'm going Steady!
Sleepers: But he beats you all the time, he gives you hell
He two-times you and he likes to kiss and tell
Greaseball: Find an engine, find a place, up against us to race
Greaseball and Dinah: And you'll find that, sister, We'll beat you as well!

The fact they were prepared to speak out against the bully champion suggests that they are principled and independent characters, not easily cowed, not afraid to speak out for what they see as right.


The Sleepers' costumes are designed to give the feel of mechanical train characters without necessarily having bold characteristics. While the principal coaches each have a strong block of colour binding their design together, the Sleepers are a mixture of darker colours and shapes which make less impact. This has the effect of them blending into the background and having less presence than the main coaches.







1984 - 1985 2nd Class Sleeper Debbie Wake (Joule)
3rd Class Sleeper Voyd (Volta)
1985 - 1986 2nd Class Sleeper Debbie Wake (Joule)
3rd Class Sleeper Caron Cardelle (Volta)
1986 - 1987 2nd Class Sleeper Beverley Braybon
3rd Class Sleeper C. Jay Ranger (Volta)
1987 - 1988 2nd Class Sleeper Beverley Braybon