Poppa and Belle try to talk Rusty into racing, telling him to draw on the power of The Starlight Express. This scene in its entirety only occurred in the 1984 London production, although a fragment is used in all later productions incorporated into "Rusty Why You Looking Sad".  


This number follows immediately after Poppa's Blues (or Belle's Song). Poppa has introduced Belle to Rusty, suggesting her as a replacement race partner after Pearl has left him. However he needs further convincing. Control interrupts their singing to announce the start of Heat 2, and Rusty agrees to race with Belle.  

On the Original Cast Recording, the tracks are edited seamlessly, so the recording runs from Control's announcement directly into the song "Starlight Express".  However onstage there is approx 15 minutes more material, as Rusty and Belle raced in Heat 2, Poppa and Dustin in Heat 3, and the entire ensemble mock Rusty in "Laughing Stock".    

L84 Poppa Belle 1


Rusty: No, I'm out of it
Poppa: Only believe son, the Starlight Express will help you!
Rusty: No, Poppa, I don't believe in all that
Poppa: How many times have you found tho you were firm on the ground
Still the world around you sways
You notice all that you got does not add up to a lot
And the way ahead's a maze
You've used everything inside you,
so maybe it's time you tried to find
a brand new power to shine a light
Belle: A light to brighten up your darkest hour
Poppa: Starlight Express hears your distress,
he's there all around
Starlight Express will answer you yes
He's waiting to be found
Both: Starlight Express hears your distress
he's there all around
Starlight Express will answer you yes,
Control: Control! Control! 30 seconds to heat two! Engines report!
Rusty: May I have the honour, will you partner me?
Belle: Thank you kindly, I'd be proud
to share in your race,
I won't disgrace you
Freight: She's Belle, belle, Belle, the sleeping car
Back again, once more a star!