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The Starlight Sequence ("I Am The Starlight") is the emotional pinnacle of the show, where Rusty, beaten, down, hopeless; discovers that The Starlight Express is there within him, and with some self confidence, Rusty can achieve anything.


The staging of the Starlight Sequence varies according to production, but always starts with Rusty alone, dejected after the Rockies' hard life lessons on "Right Place, Right Time", on a darkened stage. As the music builds, the star lights around him glow. As in the image right, in the London production, The Starlight Express appears behind Rusty onstage and makes physical contact with him. (the light levels have been greatly increased for this scene in photos however) In other productions, The Starlight Express sings from the wings and remains unseen. In the UK Tour, as Rusty finds his confidence, he actually flies and hovers several feet above the stage, with the help of cables that are pulled upwards.

The original London production used a hovering star-field that was lowered in to fill the stage, the original version of which was lights picking out the form of a train. In 1993 when the show was revised and the logo replaced, the orange/yellow "stars in the shape of a star" (as seen above) replaced the original train.


The Starlight Sequence combines the melodies of "Starlight Express", the act 1 closing number that represents hope and magic, with the melody of "Only He", which represents self discovery and fulfilment. It also provides the culmination of the Overture, which we initially heard only as an interrupted motif at the beginning of the show. As with the overture, we initially hear the "Starlight Express" melody played unaccompanied, and it modulates and repeats, growing and getting louder. Rusty, using his last bit of hope, calls out "Starlight Express?" and at the peak of the music, he is answered as The Starlight Express tells him "Only You have the Power within You".


Rusty Alone

The Starlight Sequence begins with a short section of music that the score refers to as 'Rusty Alone'. The Rockies leave Rusty alone onstage to reflect on how bad his situation is. The melody of 'Rusty Alone' recalls the Coaches' section of "Call Me Rusty", a melody that represents futility/worry.

RUSTY: Guess they're right, they cheated me when I tried playing fair.
I complained and they treated me like I wasn't there
Left me with nothing, not even doubt
No-one to turn to, I'm down and I'm out.

1984 Original London Lyrics

RUSTY: Starlight Express?
STARLIGHT EXPRESS: Only you have the power within you.
Just believe in yourself -
The sea will part before you,
Stop the rain, turn the tide.
If only you use the power within you
Needn't beg the world
To turn around and help you
If you draw on what you have within you
Somewhere deep inside-
RUSTY: Starlight Express - you must confess,
Are you real, yes or no?
Starlight Express - answer me yes.
I don't want you to go.
STARLIGHT EXPRESS: Rusty - you're blind - look in your mind -
I'm there - Nothing's new
The Starlight Express is no more or less
Than you, Rusty. I am you.
I'm you, and
Only you
RUSTY: I am the Starlight.
STARLIGHT EXPRESS: Have the power within you
RUSTY: I can achieve
STARLIGHT EXPRESS: Just believe in yourself
RUSTY: Anything! THE STARLIGHT EXPRESS: The sea will part before you
STARLIGHT EXPRESS: Stop the rain and turn the tide
RUSTY: All the things I didn't believe.
RUSTY: I am the Starlight.
STARLIGHT EXPRESS: Use the power within you
RUSTY: I can see it through
RUSTY: Needn't beg the world to turn around to help you STARLIGHT EXPRESS: Needn't beg the world to turn around to help you
If you draw on what is deep inside. If you draw on what is deep inside.
RUSTY: I won't let you down.

Rusty Allein

Rusty's left alone by the Rockies/Hoppers at the start of the scene.

HIP HOPPER 3: Rusty, mal verliert man,
HIP HOPPER 2: Mal gewinnen die anderen.
HIP HOPPER 1: Sieh es ein Rusty, für dich ist es aus.
RUSTY: Ja, das stimmt, es war Betrug,
Dabei spielte ich fair.
Es ist wahr, er bremste mich, ich hab' mich beschwert.
Keiner hält zu mir, ich bin allein'.
Ich weiß nicht weiter, weiß nicht aus, noch ein.

1988 Original Bochum Lyrics

RUSTY: Starlight Express?
STARLIGHT EXPRESS: Du allein hast die Kraft tief in dir.
Und wenn du an dich glaubst,
Dann kann alles geschehen.
Selbst das Meer teilt sich vor dir.
Wenn du diese Kraft einst findest,
Brauchst du nicht die Welt zu bitten, dir zu helfen.
Was du erreichen willst, schaffst du mit der Kraft in dir.
Rusty: Starlight Express, sage mir jetzt:
Wo bist du? Zeig' dich mir!
Starlight Express, ich brauche dich jetzt,
Ich bitt' dich komm' zu mir.
STARLIGHT EXPRESS: Rusty, glaub mir, ich bin in dir,
Du selbst hast in dir den Starlight Express.
Er ist ganz gewiss in dir Rusty,
Ich bin du,
Bin du,
Denn du allein
RUSTY: Ich selbst bin Starlight
STARLIGHT EXPRESS: Hast die Kraft tief in dir
RUSTY: Ich weiß ich kann
STARLIGHT EXPRESS: Und wenn du an mich glaubst, dann
RUSTY: Alles gut STARLIGHT EXPRESS: Kann alles geschehen
STARLIGHT EXPRESS: Selbst das Meer teilt sich vor dir.
RUSTY: Was ich nie zuvor geglaubt.
Rusty: Ich selbst bin Starlight
STARLIGHT EXPRESS: Diese Kraft einst findest,
Rusty: Und ich weiß genau
RUSTY: Ich brauch' nicht die Welt STARLIGHT EXPRESS: Brauchst du nicht die Welt
Zu bitten, dir zu helfen. Zu bitten mir zu helfen.
Denn du schaffst es Denn ich schaff' es
Mit der Kraft in dir! Mit der Kraft in mir!
Rusty: Ich enttäusch' dich nicht!


Starlight Sequence - Greg Mowry Steve Fowler Tony Awards Broadway 1987

Greg Mowry as Rusty, Steve Fowler as Poppa, 1987 Tony Awards