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TV and Radio

Below is a list from 1983 to 2004 of TV and Radio programs featuring Starlight Express on the BBC. I have linked the ones that I have uploaded to You Tube. If anyone else has any of the others listed below and knows of them on You Tube, please also link them. Lets try to make a Starlight Express video libarary.



1.Breakfast Time 21/01/1983 21.Jim'll Fix It 02/02/1985 41.Pebble Mill 17/11/1993
2.Changes of Air 03/06/1983 22.Newsnight 24/04/1986 42.Pebble Mill 07/04/1994
3.Breakfast Time 21/06/1983 23.Breakfast Time 25/04/1986 43.Pebble Mill:Starlight Express Cast 23/05/1995
4.Breakfast Time 30/06/1983 24.Breakfast Time 23/12/1986 44.Newsroom South East 28/03/1996
5.Breakfast Time 10/01/1984 25.Look North 26/01/1987 45.Jim Davidson's Generation Game 28/09/1996
6.Russell Harty : Harty 14/03/1984 26.Jim'll Fix It 14/03/1987 46.New Years Honours 31/12/1996
7.Wogan 17/03/1984 27.Queens Awards For Export & Technology 21/04/1987 47.It'll Never Work 24/11/1998
8.Breakfast Time 19/03/1984 28.Breakfast Time 04/06/1987 48.Newsnight 18/02/2000
9.Blue Peter 22/03/1984 29.Tony Awards 08/06/1987 49.Liquid News 09/01/2001
10.Newsnight 22/03/1984 30.Prince Edward Joins Theatre Co 18/01/1988 51.Blue Peter 07/11/2001
11.Queen at "Starlight Express" Charity Show 22/03/1984, 31.Look East 15/02/1988 52.Blue Peter 28/12/2001
12.Breakfast Time 23/03/1984 32.Look North 15/02/1988 53.A Week In The West End 15/02/2002
13.Breakfast Time 23/03/1984 33.Blue Peter 21/03/1988 54.Look North 24/11/2004
14.Breakfast Time 04/04/1984 34.Breakfast Time 18/05/1988
15.Pebble Mill at One 02/05/1984 35.Breakfast Time 26/06/1988
16.Breakfast Time 22/06/1984 36.Daytime UK 07/11/1990
17.Saturday Superstore 03/11/1984 37.Harry Enfield's Television Show 29/11/1990
18.Charles and Diana see Starlight Express 05/12/1984 38.The Royal Variety Performance: 1992 12/12/1992
19.Laurence Olivier Awards:1984 10/12/1984 39.Pebble Mill 23/03/1993
20.Blue Peter 28/01/1985 40.Pebble Mill Encore:Music Maestros 17/09/1993


Below is a list of non BBC TV footage as well as TV footage without dates of airing. (Not in order of broadcast.)

1.Cilla's Moment of Truth 2.FAN TC 3.Fame School 4.Save the Children 5.Meridian Tonight South East 6.YOU BET Matthew Kelly Forfeit
7.YOU BET Challeng

UK Tour