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"That Was Unfair" is a short scene at the end of Heat 1, where Dinah realises Greaseball and Caboose were cheating, and Greaseball dumps her.


At the conclusion of the first race, Greaseball and Dinah have won themselves a place in the final. Greaseball and Caboose have a conversation about how well the race went, revealing that they were conspiring to cheat. Dinah complains, and fed up with her, Greaseball dumps her.

This scene only occurs as the introduction to "There's Me", and is cut from most modern productions.


The melody used is the same as the coaches' criticism of Rusty in "Call Me Rusty" for the conversation between Greaseball and Dinah, and "There's Me" melody for Caboose, which we have already heard in "Freight".


Original London Lyrics

DINAH: That was cheating -
What you did to him there
Wasn't fair!
GREASEBALL: Hey come on, we won,
Quit that kind of talk.
You take care!
DINAH: No I must say it.
It isn't fair!
GREASEBALL: Okay that does it -
I'm giving you air.
From now on, Miss America,
Go preach at someone new -
You race with me, you use my rules
You had your chance,
You blew it so we're through!
DINAH: Greaseball!
CABOOSE: Hi GB, hey, what a race!
What a team!
Oh, you mean, me and Dinah.
Not a team anymore, CB,
She's on her own!
(into There's Me)

German Lyrics

DINAH: Das war unfair,
Dieser Kampf mit dem Zug!
War Betrug!
GREASEBALL: Der da vorhin?
Hör bloß auf damit,
Sieg ist genug!
DINAH: Nein! Ich sag's trotzdem,
Das war doch nicht fair!
GREASEBALL: Okay, das langt mir,
Ich will dich nicht mehr.
Von jetzt an, bis Amerika
Such' dir 'nen and'ren Zug.
Wer mit mir fährt, der spielt mein Spiel,
Wenn du's nicht willst,
Wann geh', ich hab' genug!
DINAH: Greaseball? Es tut mir leid!
GREASEBALL: Hau' ab! Hey Caboose.
CABOOSE: Hey, man, du warst du, ihr wart gut,
Welch' ein Team!
GREASEBALL: Du meist ich und Dinah?
Wir sind kein Team mehr,
Sie ist allein'.
DINAH: Greaseball?! -crying-