"This is Gonna be the Day" (German: Endlich kommt fur mich die Zeit) is a fragment version of "Call Me Rusty", used in conjunction with "Engine of Love". 


Rusty has arrived with the coaches, and sung the up-beat "Engine of Love", which tells us all about his optimism but does not tell us much about the plot. Following that song, Rusty is sent by Control do a whole list of errands, and if he finishes them all, maybe he'll be allowed to race. This fragment of "Call Me Rusty" allows Rusty to tell the audience about his aims of winning the race, and includes the Coaches' opinions.

The Broadway Production replaced Rusty's full length solo "Call Me Rusty" with "Engine of Love" as Rusty's first number, and included starting "This is Gonna be the Day" used the same themes to advance the plot. When the London production adopted the Broadway numbers in 1988, they also used this version, but rather than Pearl simply saying "OK Rusty, I'm with you", instead she said "Rusty, I'm afraid if you enter for the race you'll get hurt". This changed her attitude towards Rusty and racing in general, making a stronger character arc.

The German production started using a version similar to the Broadway, as a coda to "Liebesexpress/Engine of Love", and seemed to use similar lyrics to the contemporary 1988 London version with Pearl having reservations about racing with Rusty. Later changes to the German production removed "Engine of Love", and the show ran with "Nennt mich Rostig" as the translation of the later London fragment version of "Call Me Rusty".


1987 Broadway - This Is Gonna Be The Day

Rusty: This is gonna be the day
When I discover how a champion feels
when we show the rest a clean pair of wheels
Come on Pearl, we're on our way!
Pearl: OK Rusty, I'm with you.
You and me will be the number one team
Showing everyone that steam is supreme
Rusty: Look out world, we're coming through!
Coaches: Listen to this big shot talking he seems to imply
All the trains will just move over and let him by
They'll cheat and intrigue
Rusty, listen to me
You're out of your league
No, he's out of his tree!
You'll either be a hundred miles away at the back
Or worse they'll find him scattered in a million rusty pieces 'round the track
Rusty: Engine of love racing on the railroad
Out of the way, steam is on the line!
(Into A Lotta Locomotion)

1988 Bochum Production - Endlich kommt für mich die Zeit

Control: Rusty, erledige deine Aufgaben!
Rusty: Was?
Control: Bring' Pearl zum Waschen ins Depot und hol' dir die Güterwaggons!
Rusty: Och nee.
Control: Doch. Dann darfst du vielleicht beim Rennen mitmachen.
Rusty: Endlich kommt für mich die Zeit, wo ich zeigen kann, dass ich schneller bin

Dass ich dieses Rennen spielend gewinn', Pearl komm mit, es ist so weit.

Pearl: Rusty, Rusty, ich hab' Angst,

dass du dich bei diesem Rennen verletzt,
dass du all' die and'ren Loks unsterstätzt!

Rusty: Mir egal, ich bin dabei.
Dinah, Buffy, Ashley: Stellt euch bloß vor, dieser Angeber bildet sich ein,

er könnte viel schneller als all' die anderen sein.

Dinah: Er wird boykottiert!
Pearl: Rusty, lass' es doch sein, es wird intrigiert!
Ashley: Doch das sieht er nicht ein.
Dinah, Buffy, Ashley: Gewiss kriecht er im Schneckentempo allen hinterher.

Und wenn er Pech hat, liegt er dann in tausend kleinen Stücken rings umher - uh!

Rusty: Liebesexpress, ich kann etwas werden,

ich bin dabei, glaub an eine Chance.


Call Me Rusty - Ray Shell London 1984 Audio

Call Me Rusty - Ray Shell London 1984 Audio

AUDIO. Taunting Rusty - Greaseball, Gang and Rusty, and Call Me Rusty - Rusty, Coaches


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