Tomotaka Sugimoto

Tomotaka Sugimoto J90.jpg

Starlight Express Credits

Japan Tour - 04/1990 - 07/1990 - Bobo

London - 09/1990 - 10/1991 - Swing

Biography (1990)

Tomotaka Sugimoto was born in Osaka, Japan. He began his professional career in 1981 after being chosen out of 18,000 applicants to appear in a Japanese full length feature film, Nerawareta Gakuen. This was followed by a four year contract with Disneyland during which time he appeared in several television specials and commercials whilst performing nationally for Disneyland.

From performing in Disneyland's musical The Kids of the Kingdom, he went on to join a musical company in Tokyo where he performed the leading roles for Blue Jack USA, Love Me Do and Breakers, and, in his spare time, writes musical text books for Yamaha. In 1987 his band was chosen to be the Japanese entry for the World Popular Song Festival. The same year Erasure was the British representitive. It was not until 1989, during the Starlight Express auditions that he first put on a pair of roller skates. He comes to the London Company after playing the role of Bobo during the Japan tour of Starlight Express.

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