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The first non-replica, regional production of Starlight Express in the US was staged at Tuacahn, Utah from 6 June to 27 October 2013[1].

Production specifics

The production was staged at the Tuacahn Amphitheatre, a 1,920-seat open-air venue set against the natural desert[2]. It was presented in rep with productions of Mary Poppins, Thoroughly Modern Millie, and Disney's Mulan.

The production, which used the same material as the 2012 UK tour, was directed and choreographed by a long-time Starlight Express performer and associate director, Louanne Madorma. Despite Madorma's familiarity with the productions created by the original creative team, her production was created from scratch. Some of its costumes – created by designers Marlo Rawlings and Clark Schaffer – have gone on to be used for other US regional productions.

The cast had only 22 days to learn their lines and dances, as well as figure out how to skate. Due to this taxing schedule and the demands of performing outdoors, the show was not performed entirely on skates. Moreover, during daytime rehearsals, temperatures onstage reached triple digits.[3]

Tuacahn set daylight.jpg



Tuacahn Center for the Arts Presents Andrew Lloyd Webber's Starlight Express

  • Control – Payton Kemp
  • Mom – Jennifer Evans

The Engines

  • Greaseball – Todd Dubail
  • Electra – Dustin Dubreuil
  • Rusty – Steven M. Goldsmith
  • Poppa/Starlight Express – C. Mingo Long

The Carriages

  • Pearl – Delaney Westfall
  • Dinah – Gail Bennett
  • Buffy – Kate Scott
  • Duvay – Erica Bryce

The Trucks

  • Hopper 1 – Eymard Cabling
  • Hopper 2 – Clinton Sherwood
  • Hopper 3 – Ben Tucker
  • Dustin – Derek Brazeau
  • Flat Top – John Preator
  • Caboose – Daniel Gutierrez

National Engines

  • Nintendo – Eric Badique
  • Ruhrgold – James Blashaw
  • Turnov – Michael McGurk


  • Purse – Troy McGee
  • Wrench – Talese Hunt
  • Joule – Veronica Yeager
  • Volta – Jayme Wappel