Starlight Express the Musical Wiki

In General

This was inspired by a 2019 blog post by Belle Pullman. Just keep in mind that this is just role play and might never happen. Anyways, here is my ideas.

  • Touring in a tent would be a challenge so I'm thinking of a design that would extend the stage into the audience.
  • Each tour stop would last half a month.
  • Dressing rooms and offices would be expandable trailers.
  • The show will be US/Canada based.
  • The show will be based off of the 2018 Bochum rewrites


The cast would be international. Just like Cirque Du Solei, We would have performers from all over the world. Any ethicity can play any character. For example, Pearl could be played by a Japanese actress, Volta can be played by an South African dancer, Electra could be Asian, Caboose could be portrayed by a Black performer. Anything is possible!

The term "Stunt Casting" in theater is known for casting a well known celebrity into a musical even if they have little expreience in theater. Maybe a big Broadway celebrity like Ethan Slater (Spongebob Musical) could be Rusty. Or maybe a mainstream celebrity like Charli d'Amelio could be stunt casted as Belle or Carrie. Casting a celebrity in a role that fits their apperance and personality like Jojo Siwa as Dinah. She's young, energetic and has the voice of Dinah. News media outlets would promote the show, the commercials and trailers feature the celebrity and say who they would be playing, and it would put butts in seats.

Casting an alumni of the show is a plus. They're familiar with the show, and if they reprise a role they previously played, they could be familiar with that as well

The swings will be a challenge. I'm thinking about up to 30 swings.