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Kimberly Blake has shown in both News Reports and Youtube Video as one of a total of TEN auditionees for the role of Mama.  Fair to say it's not the hottest role in Musical Theatre...  how many mature women with big blues voices are prepared to move to Germany and skate for a living?  well - ten, apparently.  I'm curious who else auditioned, and are they also ex-cast members?  If you've already got (maybe rusty) skating skills, it'll be a lot less daunting.

I just don't see this is a winning idea.  Momma didn't work well for the workshop - simply that the role is baritone!  Poppa's Blues, and the Starlight Sequence, both fall in the tenor range, but all Poppa's recit is way below alto.  Mica Paris just couldn't reach those notes, and she has a good range.  But, like Street Cat Tugger, once Lloyd Webber has decided he's going ahead with a plan, nobody can turn him from it.  He's rich enough to be insured from any damage.  At least Momma is nowhere near as offensive as the Street Cat though!

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